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So, I just wanted to see if any of you have any ideas. I am ready to move to san diego, bags are packed! I will not move without a job and being a registered nurse with 4 years experience i have yet to have a problem finding jobs. This is not the case for San Diego. Apparently I have picked one of the few cities in the entire country that does not have a nursing shortagewink.gif I am looking at all options including travel nursing to no avail. I am a pre-op/PACU nurse with almost 4 years exp. and great references, and I have a CA nursing license, bls, pals, and acls certified. I look everyday for several hours at a time on monster, career builder, sharp healthcare, kaiser, scripps, craigslist, nurse.com,I am signed up with 2 different travel companies and there is just nothing!! It is hard to fathom that a city with over a million people isnt hiring nurses. If any of you may have some tips for me, I would be so grateful!!! Or if any of you living in SD might know of somewhere hiring, I would be so grateful. Please feel free to PM me if thats better for you.Thank you in advance.....

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Any luck? I am a PACU nurse looking to move back to San Diego after 6 years in Florida. I never worked PACU in SD. I am also surprised at the lack of PACU positions. I also checked out travel jobs- nothing in SD. Even considering taking assignment in LA, but after reading all negative posts not sure if good idea. I have a spouse and two kids to consider. I was thinking I might have to go back to working ICU. I did talk with a couple local staffing agencies that state they have per diem work for PACU nurses? I need to make final decisions this week!

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I moved back to CA a year ago, and the job market out here stinks! I was fortunate to get a position when I moved back, although it's not in a field I want to work. At this point I'm just happy to have a job. Good luck to you both. I think with critical care experience you will find something eventually.

try joining http://www.azteria.com/ Once you log in, you can request which areas you want to work in, your experience and what state/city. They will constantly send you email updates on all jobs available to your best match.

Also, this page gives you the hospitals in California..they link direct to the hospital website where you can look up their career page. http://www.theagapecenter.com/Hospitals/California.htm

Don't give up!

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You have to remember that not only you are looking in SD but evry nurse from Momtana to S dakota to NJ to FL is looking to relocate to either SD or SF. These two cities are the most popular places to go and it seems every nurse from out of state is wanting to live there. Why? because SD has the beaches and the weather. SF has, well it is SF, the city by the Bay. There are people who have been waiting years to get something in either place. I guess just hang in there and don't give up your present job until you have something in writing. Also, do a search here for this subject, it has a long history here of wants and needs.

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The job market is very depressed here in San Diego for nurses. I don't recommend anyone to move here without a job already in place. I will private message you for the rest

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Also, did you try outside the city of San Diego? There is Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside (they currently have one PACU position open) and there's Palomar Pomerado Health in Escondido which currently has several positions open in surgery. They are opening a new hospital next year too.

Those hospitals are within the county of San Diego. If you can stand to drive a little farther you can go just outside the county to Loma Linda University Hospital or the hospitals over in Murrietta and Wildomar. Use that list that the other poster listed to get the links to the hospitals and check on google maps to see the location vs San Diego.

Also, you didn't mention if you checked with Alvarado Hospital in San Diego/La Mesa. They have positions open in surgery as well.

Good Luck!

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