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  1. raynienatasha

    baby to the nursery please

    hi im a nursery staff nurse, yeah i feel the same dude...Not to condemn them though..
  2. raynienatasha

    baby to the nursery please

    hi im a nursery staff nurse, yeah i feel the same dude...Not to condemn them though..
  3. im a nursery staff, but here's what i think, i think rooming in is better, because some mothers especially in night shift because they breastfeed for a 10 minutes and send back the baby to nursery, and the poor baby will be crying although the diapers is not solied. And then we have to send back to the mommy for longer breastfeeding and its like disturbing their sleep(going in and coming out of the room)..At least if the baby is in the room they can practice taking care of baby and if they need help in breastfeeding i would be happy to come in anytime and help you with breastfeeding..but of course pros and cons are there...the cons are: mothers will be calling you every 5 minutes...so what you guys think?
  4. raynienatasha

    Eats on Feets -Breast Milk-Sharing group

    You wont believe me.. There was one man in my nursery unit just wanted other woman's beast milk because his wife wasnt producing much milk..My collegue went mad and explained to him that other woman might not be giving their breast milk to other baby themselves....hahaha
  5. guys need help around here.... in my hospital where i practice when a baby is not keen in sucking on breast and the baby looks jittery we will supplement the baby with a dr order( its a standing oder actually if the glucometer level is below 3 mmol/L) although the mothers insist on total breastfeeding... what is your practice in your hospital... what irks me most is even though we explain to mother that your baby's glucometer is low and we need to supplement the baby for one time they still insist on total breastfeeding..And they keep on saying that they say its not harmful to total breastfeed your baby( because they read in in internet).....so what are you guys practicing in your hospital... Have you come across mothers who breastfeed baby on a limited time in night shift so that they can sleep although baby is still crying for milk..And when we say you have to breastfeed longer because your baby still looks hungry, they look unhappy...(like they are expecting us just to make the baby stop crying) .what do you say to these mothers ?? Your experience please?
  6. raynienatasha

    Really disappointed with the reality of nursing.

    hi dear, i understand the way you are feeling dear... im in the right same situation with you... well but only the situation is different..im working in a nursery and the baby's parents treat us like slaves and thinks that we can make a starving baby stop crying...gosh luckily i have a lot of support from my collegues...try to find a collegue who you can tick with and you can get a lot of support from them if you go through the right channel...gosh... so difficult typing in all full words.. Try hanging on dear..
  7. raynienatasha

    What do patients say that irks you?

    well i think u shud not blame nurses sometimes.... u must b aware tat some mothers dont produce enough milk too... supplementing your baby is not wrong dear... bt im not saying you should not b/feed... im just saying tat babies shouldnt b in hunger bcoz this can lower the sugar levels..