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  1. finallyRN7

    Retirement percentage with VA

    Thank you so much for responding and the information.
  2. finallyRN7

    Retirement percentage with VA

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know the current percentage of income one receives upon retirement from the VA? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi. Which job position is better to accept with the Dept of Veteran Affairs (VA), competitive or excepted? Thanks!
  4. finallyRN7

    VA: full time, commission

    I've seen the VA post a nursing position advertised as "full time, commission". What exactly does this entail? I've only known this term "commission" to refer to being paid based on quantitative performance or if someone's employed as an active duty officer. Does anyone know the stipulation behind this versus an advertised one as "full time-permanent"?
  5. finallyRN7

    Chronic dialysis clinic hours

    A Fresenius clinic hours are posted as M-F, 9-5p when googled. Are these hours realistic for staff or only for patient information? Thanks.
  6. finallyRN7

    day in life of dialysis RN? please describe

    Hello Channo92, I'm curious about dialysis' hours. I've seen chronic clinic hours for Fresenius as 9a-5p M-F. Are those hours realistic for nurses looking to apply for a position, or are those hours for public patient information? Thanks.
  7. finallyRN7

    RN (fee clinical coordinator)

    I'm searching for a position w/the VA. The VA has a job posting for a Registered Nurse (fee clinical coordinator). Does anyone know what this position entails? The "Duties" section is a bit unclear to me. I thought I could get some clearer insight first hand from someone who works the position, knows someone who does, or just has inside knowledge about it. Thanks in advance!
  8. finallyRN7

    RN pay rate on experience vs education

    I don't know if this topic has been asked or discussed, but I'm curious what your thoughts are. Should a RN with an associate degree & more years experience be paid more than a RN with a bachelor's degree and less experience? Your thoughts....
  9. finallyRN7

    VA Home-based Primary Care

    Can anyone offer information on what it's like to work for the VA doing Home-based primary care? Also, how many clients are you typically assigned to take care of? Thanks!
  10. finallyRN7

    VA Operating Room Nurse

    Are there any OR nurses who work for A VA hospital? If so, what is your work schedule like? How often are you on-call? Are you required to work weekends? Also, I understand that the OR is a cool environment to work. Can you tell me exactly what your interpretation of "cool" temperature in the OR would feel like? Below 65 degrees?? Thanks so much in advance for your answers! :-)
  11. finallyRN7

    Hospital staff/no weekends/holidays

    GrnTea, Yes, the question was serious and I'm glad I received serious, mature, thought-out and professional answers from fellow nurses, as there were some replies that validated my curiosity. The nursing profession is for curious individuals, and if you can't handle curious questions, then don't bother with the answer, especially if its going to involve sarcasm, which the SERIOUS nursing profession has no room for. Thank you for your response. In the future, you may elaborate on any of my curiosities only if LOVE accompanies, otherwise please keep it moving. Be blessed and Happy Nursing :-).
  12. finallyRN7

    Houston Medical Center

    Thank you InGod'stime for replying. Do you happen to know how often this 13 week rotation occurs? Once a year, twice a year, or more often? If anyone else knows the answer to this, please reply. Thanks!
  13. finallyRN7

    Hospital staff/no weekends/holidays

    Thanks guys. The answers were where my gut led me. However, I know a friend who just landed a staff position at a hospital and has been secured a no weekends/holidays position simply because she knows the manager VERY well. A mere example of pure favoritism. Oh well, some individuals are just that lucky.
  14. finallyRN7

    Hospital staff/no weekends/holidays

    Has anyone ever been privileged to be hired as part of hospital as a staff nurse and be allowed not to have to work weekends or holidays due to the schedule of your child's child care facility? I know these working hours are virtually unheard of at a hospital for a staff nurse, but I know it has happened somewhere. So, who has experienced this or know someone who has? I know these hours are usually found in outpatient, but I'm very curious about hospitals. Thanks!
  15. finallyRN7

    Anyone work at Houston healthcare or MCCG

    TickyRN, Where did you decide to work? I see that Houston Healthcare has a Med-Surg. RN residency program for new RNs with less than one year of experience. What do you know, if anything about this program for RNs who are no longer considered "new" (graduate within 6 months) but have less than one year experience. The website didn't entail their definition of "new". Thanks!
  16. finallyRN7

    GA License by Endorsement Questions

    Hi keykey, I'm getting ready to apply for endorsement in Georgia. On the Cogent online registration, there are two highlighted and asterisk sections that ask for an ORI/OAC* and verification code*. What are they and where do I obtain them, if they even apply to me? Also, Do I need to check the box for "Does another agency make the fitness determination" and if so, what agency do I choose? It's ludicris how difficult it is to get clarifying answers from the Ga. BON much less get someone on the phone. *sigh* Thanks in advance!