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  1. The most important aspect is to be prepared. Read thru your text before attending the lecture. It will make alot more sense that way. Learn to budget your time, and when you have extra time work ahead on material you know you'll need. Prepare for emergencies in your day care. I see this tripping up alot of students, and when you're required to have so many hours in school/labs you can't just stay home. When the instructors ask for volunteers, have your hand in the air. (no instructor wants an unwilling student). And most importantly.... don't get sucked into the dramas that will occur in the classes. You're bound t have some dramaqueens and they can make your life miserable and keep you from focusing on what is truly important. Good luck!
  2. echo56

    Hannibal LaGrange Nursing Program

    From what I've seen (I live in the area) it's a good solid school. Know quite a few ADN's that have come from the program, and they seemed pleased with their education and preparation. Good luck if that's where you want to go. Where are you from?
  3. echo56

    DOES the PVT trick work on a saturday?

    Congratulations.... Since my test day is approaching this summer, how does this work?
  4. echo56

    Anxiously Waiting

    Congrats on your interview. Hopefully you'll know something at the conclusion and then can start planning. I know a wait that long would absolutely make me crazy... let us know how it goes.
  5. echo56

    Medical Terminology- finished!

    The quizes are 40 questions in an hour. The mid term and the final are 80 questions/2hrs. I had plenty of time to complete them. No, it's an online test, not proctored.
  6. echo56

    Medical Terminology- finished!

    The text arrived on Tuesday.... I had it sent over night. The text was helpful so I didn't't have to refer to the internet constantly, and alot of the class is "combining forms", which are stated in the text. I'd also like to take tha A&P, but will have to wait a bit on that. Regular classes will get in the way I think.
  7. I started the Straighterline Medical Terminology class this morning. Finished it tonight..... drum roll here.... 92% I'm happy, I'm tired.... my brain is mush... Now if I could just get the Biology finished like that, I'd be a happy camper. Great way to spend my spring break though....
  8. Since there are six pages to this thread, and I realize most folks will NOT read this thread from the beginning.... just a quick post. (is there such a thing?) College Network is a study system, not a college that gives a degree. Excelsior is a degree program. If you want to get an ADN/BSN from Excelsior you will have to pay and take the test. College Network does not give the tests or credits. These two options are NOT the same thing. Sorry, just needed to say this.
  9. echo56

    Straighterline courses

    I'm currently taking a Biology class, and I absolutely hate it. I've taken numerous online courses previously,( and scored high 90's) but this one is kicking my rear... royally. Seriously considering dropping this class, but I really need the credit. I've emailed them twice now asking for some guidance, but no response as of yet. Plan on emailing or calling tomorrow.
  10. echo56

    Online Statistics ?

  11. echo56

    IPAD etc...

    In the ever changing world of computer technology, how many of you out there actually use an IPAD while at work? Or maybe something similar? I'm curious... I'm considering making a purchase, thanks!
  12. echo56

    Dealing With Child Abuse

    Focus on your patient, and just remember... God has a special place for people who hurt children.
  13. echo56

    Excelsior help with Post 9/11 GI Bill.....RANT!

    Since you are a LPN at present, I doubt seriously if you would not be accepted into the program.... I would explain that until you have your financial questions resolved you're NOT enrolling. If possible I would email the admissions office, since that way you won't waste your time either. The person you spoke with should've had better phone manners, however I can see her point (even though I don't agree with it!)
  14. echo56

    LPN to RN programs in Missouri

    For what it's worth, Missouri does accept Excelsior.
  15. echo56

    frustrated new grad lpn in il with no job

    Sent you a pm.