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  1. Hello, I'm currently in Nursing school in Puerto Rico and looking to move back to California when I finish. As far as the application to take the NCLEX in California should I fill out the paperwork for applying as an international student or is Puerto Rico considered part of the United States for those purposes? Thanks!
  2. adja

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    Students are allowed to work while in school and there are many students who work full time while in the program (I'm sure their lives are crazy busy). The fact that it is a night program makes working easier. It is difficult to find work here, though I'm sure it depends on your skill set and Spanish abilities.
  3. adja

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    The cost per trimester depends on the number of credits you're taking. The cost for my first trimester was $2,310 taking 10 credits. It's more expensive this trimester because I'm taking more credits, but I can't find the paper saying exactly how much.
  4. adja

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    The associates program at InterAmerican was approved for accreditation in the most recent round of accreditation
  5. Thanks! I found the application on the CA BVNPT website. I'll check it out with my school after break. I'm still a little confused what parts of my RN schooling must be completed before I'm eligible, but I'll keep looking.
  6. Hello all, This is my first time posting to the forum. I am currently a BSN student in an accelerated 2 year program in Puerto Rico. It is a trimester program and I am halfway through my second trimester. I'm trying to figure out at what point in my program I'll be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam. Ideally I'd like to work as an LPN in California this summer. I have a job lined up if I can get the license in time, but I just don't know if that's possible. I've been searching online but haven't found anything. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!