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  1. Azure1213

    Ex-Nurse Guilty of Aiding Suicides Online

    Thats horrible someone would do that to patients and it almost makes you sick...
  2. Azure1213

    Critical Thinking Help

    So any tips on how to improve critical thinking in the clinical setting? I only have 4 more weeks left of clinical and if i fail im done. My instructer is working with me and I feel like the biggest issue i have is application of my knowledge into the clinical setting. So far I've been trying to improve it by thinking of my client's overall condition, what I'm goint to see, and what symptoms they present, and keeping a notebook of basic nursing interventions. any other ideas?
  3. Azure1213

    Test Anxety

    So I have really bad test anxeity when I take my tests. I was so worked up for my med-surg test that i ended up only being 4 points away from passing. Dose anyone have any good tips to help relieve it?
  4. Azure1213


    Thanks for replying and justiying that it dose help
  5. Azure1213


    Dose raising the bed of someone who has secretions in the lungs really help drain the secretions due to the fact of gravity? I know I heard it somewhere and I can't find proof that it exists, only raise the head of the bed to prevent aspiration.
  6. Azure1213

    Care Plan Assistance

    i redid my plan to make it more realistic. i changed it to: ineffective airway clearence r/t knowledge deficit: coughing and deep breathing exercises aeb inability to clear airway secretions by having crackles in the lungs goal patient will have a an effective airway clearance by feb. 3 outcome: pt will: 1. verbalize the need for coughing and deep breathing 2. demonstrate by being able to cough and deep breathe 3. the client will have effective airway clearance in lungs by being free of crackles in the lungs interventions nurse will: 1. assess the pt’s motivation to learn. 2. teach the client how to cough and deep breathe 3. the nurse will elevate client’s hob at 45 degrees to encourage draining and nurse will assess lung sounds every four hours ***note these interventions will be what i refer to as “generic intervention” and should be included in your actual teaching plans. rationale 1. motivation influences how quickly and how much a person learns and is generally greatest when a person recognizes a need and believes the need will be met through learning. (kozier, 445) 2. coughing and deep breathing help reduce secretions in the airway (kozier 1368) . 3. sitting up will drain respiratory secretions and monitoring the client’s lungs for crackles every 4 will signify reduction(source). evaluation goal not met. the client was not able to verbalize the need for coughing and deep breathing because they were not willing to learn. when the nurse tried to teach the client how to cough and deep breathe, pt threw water pitcher at nurse and told her to get out. pt also refused to allow nurse to raise head of bed. upon assessment of client’s lungs, crackles were worse. client’s daughter was notified of client’s unwillingness to learn and she agreed to talk to client. will evaluate at end of shift to tailor to client’s needs.
  7. Azure1213

    Care Plan Assistance

    So I'm wondering if this care plan (so far) is realistic? We did not have clinical this week so my instructer created a teaching template regarding knowledge deficit. The client is a post-op TKA. Activity Intolerance RT knowledge defict: coughing and deep breathing AEB shortness of breath when walking. Goal: PT will have activity tolerance by Feb. 5 Client outcomes: 1. The PT will verbalize need for coughing and deep breathing 2. The client will learn how to cough and deep breathe 3.The client will identify factors that increase activity intolerance 4. The client have report having decreased shortness of breath 5. The client will ambulate down the hall 20 ft. 3x a day. Nursing Interventions: 1.nurse will asses pts need to learn 2. The nurse will teach the client how to cough and deep breathe 3. The nurse will help the client identify factors that cause activity intolerance 4. The nurse will monitor the client's breathing patterns for shortness of breath 5. The client will ambulate down the hall 20 ft. 3x a day. I'm asking if these goals and the diagnosis r realistic and can be done.
  8. Azure1213

    Nurse Jailed for Stealing Surgical Supplies From Hospital

    That's crazy someone would do that! And who would buy those supplies anyway?
  9. Azure1213

    Freaking Out!!

    Do you have any local community colleges in your area?
  10. Azure1213

    Math Help plz!

    Thank you soo much for helping me understand the problem! And your example made it easier to understand!
  11. Azure1213

    Math Help plz!

    This is my math problem: Order: Mandoll 1 gm IVPB every 8 hrs Available-Mandol 1 gm 100 ML NS to be infused in 30 min. Tubing gtt factor: 10 gtt/ml. Cal. rate for IV pump and gravity. My ? is which of the times do i use the 8hrs or the 30 min? I did both and the 8hrs seems to make more sense than the 30 min. though it sounds like the doc. wants it to be infused now. the 8 hr prob. is this: 100mL/8= 12.5 mL or 100 mL/30= 3.3 mL
  12. Azure1213

    What you'd REALLY like to say....

    To the male resident on my hall...MY NAME IS NOT HONEY!!! I don't like being called honey, please ask me what my name is. And get over your little drama with the nurse just because she had to leave during your shift. You know how riduclous you look going over the entire home loooking for someone to do your blood sugar? To my boss: You need to add more help, especially down my hall. There's 22 full rooms and 1 of me and its so easy for me to get behind my work and not pass ice to the rest of the facility. Also, you should really watch who put down my hall, some of these people do not belong in assisted living. To the people who edited my get up list- take the stand up lift person off my list, it takes forever to do her!
  13. We had a patient sitter for my grandma during her last days in the hospital because she kept pulling off her Venturi mask for oxygen and they had to make sure it was on, so just an example.
  14. Azure1213

    Social Media, worth it or not?

    My school added a policy where we are not allowed to post patient information on facebook, I'm not sure what happens if you are caught, but that's as far as they went concerning social media
  15. Azure1213

    Interested in travel nursing