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AriesRNSoon's Latest Activity

  1. AriesRNSoon

    Anne Arundel CC-LPN Program

    I would love to know too! Thinking of moving to this area.
  2. AriesRNSoon

    Lpn to bsn bridge with low gpa

    Congratulations!!!! Where did you get in?
  3. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

  4. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    This wait really is tearing my nerves up...
  5. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    You all are killing me! LOL!!!:) I'm trying to ignore allnurse.com and you keep talking!! This wait has me drinking wine and mean muggin my mailman! Good luck to you all, I hope to meet each of you at orientation and laugh about how our nerves were shot this month waiting it out!
  6. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

  7. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    Well in that case...I will see you both at orientation!!! :) I'm just going to go ahead and put that in the universe and see what happens!!
  8. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    I have 11 points as well. I hope the trend that 9+ points get in still continues.
  9. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    @ICareAlot Good Luck to you!! I have trying to concentrate on work so I don't drive myself crazy with the waiting.
  10. AriesRNSoon

    Fort Bragg

    Fayetteville Tech or even Sandhills Community College.
  11. AriesRNSoon

    ACT or TEAS V?

    Hi! So, I am preparing to apply for nursing school and was told my scores are outdated. The counselor gave me the option of either the ACT or the TEAS V. Which one will I have a better chance on? Honestly, I'm scared to take the TEAS V..!
  12. AriesRNSoon

    Evening/Part Time

    The only I know of is Gaston College's LPN program and the LPN-to-RN programs. So sad Mercy closed line that without warning. It was really convenient for students who couldn't attend the day program.
  13. AriesRNSoon

    SPCC in Polkton

    Hi! Does anyone know if the LPN program at South Piedmont is daytime or evening? Any students with any info to share about the program and hours would be great and appreciated! Thanks!
  14. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College or CPCC?

    @roverdewhi! Yes, Gaston is like CPCC just another option for school. And it's a little further depending on where you live. One plus is that if you have taken your sciences early like myself then they won't be outdated if it's within the 10 years.
  15. AriesRNSoon

    Gaston College or CPCC?

    Hi! I keep hearing the Gaston program is easier. CPCC just extended their deadline for the ADN Spring 2015 program to October 10th. I think I'm leaning more towards the LPN in Gaston. I still have to attend an info session. I have all my prerequisites done and Gaston's deadline for them are 10 years for the sciences unlike CPCC which is 5 years. Oh yeah...I'm absolutely aggravated at the fact they don't take loans too! Gaston doesn't either. That's my issue. I need a loan but the RN's at my job told me to find scholarships and just start applying. I know every little bit counts. That's why I was going to do LPN since I can go in the evening and still work. I was thinking the bridge program would be easier to get into also. I've been holding off on TEAS because I never feel ready but I'm going to suck it up and take it in 3 weeks. Have you done all the prereqs and the a TEAS yet? Thanks for responding!
  16. AriesRNSoon

    Spring 2012 CPCC Nursing Students

    Hi! I currently attend cpcc and applied 2 yrs ago and didn't get it...well now everyone keeps telling me don't give up so I have to retake the teas and apply? What did you get on the teas?

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