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  1. RNicholask

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    I applied December 31 2013 and got an email on January 16th that my application was sent for review. It hasn't been very long for me, but I am still very anxious and eager to hear back.
  2. RNicholask

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    Hey! may I ask your credentials for getting in? How come they are having you retake a biology class?
  3. RNicholask

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    Couldn't agree with you more about the anxiety. Every email I get I'm praying it's from Simmons :) I'll pray for ya.
  4. RNicholask

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    Congrats! I hope I can get in and start with you.
  5. RNicholask

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    Mind stating your stats for entrance? I recently applied and I'm just playing the waiting game. Had transcripts sent 12/31. Hoping to start in the March cohort, part-time. Thanks!
  6. I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear anything back from GCU about acceptance or denial GOOD LUCK to everyone........
  7. RNicholask

    I just failed nursing school

    Wow, this post really touched me. I too just failed out of my ADN program here in Arizona. I received a personal call from my professor a couple days after my final exam telling me that I missed passing by 2.5 points. I was heart broken and was in absolute shock for a few hours. Speechless. Lost. Looking back at my journey this first block I realized that in the beginning of the semester I didn't put the normal amount of effort and heart I usually put in for the first 2 exams and could never recover from it the rest of the semester. I also felt like a failure not only to myself but also a disappointment to my family and my gf. It was very hard for me especially because I attained so many close friendships my first block was very saddened that I wasn't going to be able to continue my journey with them. a Luckily, with the support of everyone I was encouraged to apply for another BSN program in town. Got everything put together, took a couple tests, got reference letters from my professors. And now I'm waiting for a response to see if I could start a BSN program this upcoming fall! Worst case scenario I'll have to start Spring '12. I've also fell away from religion the last couple years. Been a Christian my whole life it's been hard for me to deal with. But like a lot of the fellow allnurse community I do also agree with them that God loves you and will be there for you always. Even if you lose faith in him, he won't lose faith in you. Please stick with it. If this is what you want, don't stop until you've reached your end goal. After hearing the news that I failed I thought of several different options that I could possibly do. But none of them include the satisfaction that I will receive like nursing can. Keep the faith my friend.
  8. RNicholask

    Day 1 of waiting...check

    Whats up, My school's deadline was also the 31st of May. And I'm supposed to find out by the end of June. So less than a month! I hope it is good news. And IF I get in, I start this AUGUST for fast track. If not.. I'll have to wait for Spring '12. Here's to hoping.....
  9. RNicholask

    Grand Canyon University

    Hi ya'll, I'm currently applying for the GCU's Fall semester program. I've gotten everything in besides my TEAS V test which I just took today. So crossing my fingers for that. science gpa: 3.6 overall: 3.2 =( I'm curious as to if anyone's received information that they've gotten into Fall's program? And if anyone's heard this rumor that they just opened up a lot of spots for fall? I'm hoping this rumor is true so I can start the FAST TRACK program this August. I'm currently enrolled to take HCR210,HCR240,FON241,COM270 this summer online so that I will have the classes done before Fall begins. Any info would help! Thanks everyone, WAHOO
  10. RNicholask

    GCU Summer Program

    What's up everyone, Looks like I've gotten everything in to apply for GCU's Fast Track program starting this Fall. But I still have to take FON241, HCR240, HCR210, and COM270. But they said as long as I show proof that I'm taking them this summer then I'm eligible to apply. I feel like they'll make me wait till Spring(Jan) because I'm so late in applying but who knows. I got every single criteria in EXCEPT my TEAS V test which I just took this afternoon..... And... I feel nervous about it. English is my second language and I feel like I did awful in it. BARF.... I feel really good about the math because let's face it, I'm Asian and I came out of the womb doing Algebra. -_- But IF I did well enough to get in I PRAY I can get in for this Fall and be in the block with some of ya'll. Wish me luck!!!! AH IM SO NERVOUS. But hey, the bright side, theres always Spring... I guess... -_- WAHOO
  11. RNicholask

    Anyone accepted to Mesa Boswell Priority placement???

    Yah. I still haven't purchased pda books and still need to order a couple textbooks on amazon lol this break is making me lazzzzyyyyy. Wow And stetho.. LOL
  12. RNicholask

    Anyone accepted to Mesa Boswell Priority placement???

    Yeah it seems as if they're not very sure either. There is some type of misunderstanding between the professors and the school. I'm sure we won't be punished even if we have the wrong one tomorrow, but it seems that most of us have the i.d that has a blue background. I haven't come across one person that got a maroon background one. And do you know where we're supposed to meet at 8:30am? I need to print out the student handbook. lol
  13. RNicholask

    Anyone accepted to Mesa Boswell Priority placement???

    I don't know what the right one is, but mine has a blue background that has maricopa mesa banner boswell nursing on it. Hm... When we originally received our welcome letter/calendar my proff mentioned a list of things to bring. She also said to come at 830am for tour. But recently my updated email about our class not starting for another week stated that our orientation was still at 9am? So what time is everyone going lol
  14. RNicholask

    Littmann stethoscope

    Hello! Im starting the banner boswell program in 2 weeks and I too need a stethoscope for clinicals.... I've been doing research for the last month by reading reviews and other posts. Littmans seems to be the best even though its pricey. Seems like the littmans 2 se like you said is the stethoscope to buy for the money and value. I came across this website that has a fair price song with a free engraving which usually costs an extra $10-15. Classic II SE Stethoscope - Littmann Stethoscopes including Cardiology III, Classic II SE & Electronic Hope this helps
  15. RNicholask

    Anyone accepted to Mesa Boswell Priority placement???

    OMG... what a bad night. Sheesh. Makes me sometimes want to move out of state to a quiter more "homey" area. lol So I was working today and met a nurse in pacu that shared her school story with me. I try to approach friendly looking nurses to ask questions such as: where did you go to school? do you enjoy being a nurse? do you like this particular area? just to get a sense of what nurses are experiencing or have experienced. So she graduated from Grand Canyon which she said took 19months for her BSN. Which cost her $45k? She's working as a nurse now, while continuing her education at Grand Canyon for a little under 3 year program for her master's to be a nurse practitioner! which cost another $38k. Don't quote me on these numbers these are what she gave me..... lol BUT... is anyone else thinking about getting their msn? I'm like 80% sure once I finish at Boswell with my ADN then I'm going to continue and do the rn-bsn bridge at GCU or ASU which takes around a year? Then go for the MSN. I've thought about the CRNA but not sure if I'd enjoy it? I guess I'll research a bit more, and we have a long time to think about it. Just thought i'd share this story with ya'll. =)