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    Help paying for the lvn program

    Im trying to get into the lvn program over in Fresno Adult, it starts in June 2011. except i aint too sure if ill be able to aford it, so i dont know if i sould wait untill the next class that starts in feb of 2012 or if i can get any help??? ima single mom whos only source of income right now is cash aid. Im starting the cna progrma in Jan. and ends in March. Im hoping and praying i get a job right after but that isnt a garentee.... If I do plan to start the lvn program I have to sign up for the cnet test by dec. 3rd.i dont know if i should or if i should wait untill the next time around? any advice??
  2. ariana ruiz-ortega

    Help paying for the lvn program

    i am taking the pre-reqs. ill be done wit them this jan. right before i start the cna program. and yah ive talked to my worker, they wont help pay for the lvn program at all, and yes i kno its tuiton free but the books alone are going to coast me alot of money. thats mainly what im worried about. uniform i can easily start buying then now so that wen i start and from my understanding fas dont have f-aid....
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    Did you Go to an LVN program in Fresno or Clovis area? Can you review

    hi, im trying to get into the lvn program for june 2011, and i got a few questions... If you could help me! 1) how hard was the cnet test??? 2) did you get the study guid? And any other info you can give me bout the program it self..... Please and thankyou!