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  1. Hey everyone! I just got my acceptance letter today for Drexel University's ACE program starting in Fall 2011! :) Just wondering who else recieved their application decision.... And what everyone plans on doing about financial aid, HOUSING, pre-reqs, etc... & other things you've heard about the program... I haven't been able to find too much about it in terms of former students, difficulties, likes/dislikes, expectations, etc.. Has anyone else heard anything?? PS: Good luck to everyone who applied! you should be hearing soon!
  2. kmt5069

    Drexel University ACE Program Fall 2011 Start

    I actually didn't even look online, I found a big packet from drexel on my kitchen table today that came in the mail haha... I didn't send in my stuff until like 3 weeks ago! However, I kept calling them about different things reguarding my application... I spoke with Tina, who is part of the transfer student department, and she put a note on my application requesting them to make a decision before Nov 30th. I'm currently in a hospital-based nursing program and they needed to know if I will be back in the spring so they can do my financial aid/loans and stuff... (I only did one semester there but the program is two years and I won't even get a degree out of it, only a certificate! I will graduate from Drexel at the same time as the class I'm with now... and I'll even have all next semester and summer off!!)
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    Drexel University ACE Program Fall 2011 Start

    November 17th is now the earliest :-D Good luck!!
  4. kmt5069

    Drexel University ACE Program Fall 2011 Start

    Hey guys! Just got my letter of acceptance today!!!!! So everyone should be hearing soonly =) Good luck to everyone!!!