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  1. mexdf

    Travel Agencies

  2. mexdf

    Travel Agencies

    Hello, I am starting my first contract as a traveling nurse and so far I am very desatisfied with my current agency. I would like to know if anyone would like to please PM with the names of excellent agencies to work for; I am looking for good pay, good housing and more professionalism. Thank-you in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. mexdf

    Contract tips

    Hello all, I am new at traveling nursing so I have a question, my recluter told me an X amount per hr during the "verbal contract" over the phone but when I read the actual contract it had a diferent amount on it calling it "taxable income" Can anyone explain this to me and can I get out of the "verbal" contract if they refused to change it? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank-you
  4. mexdf

    Heard of American Mobile Healthcare

    Please PM your agency info!! Thanks.