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DZErika is a BSN, RN and specializes in L&D.

3 kids & a job with some crazy thoughts to go back for FNP

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  1. DZErika

    United States university FNP

    They did set one up for oct ppl! Go to the main Usu fnp support page and you will find link for oct group
  2. Hey can u add me to usu fnp app or boards plz. Tried emailing you but it said wrong email. Mine is ErikaAshleigh@yahoo.com

    1. SarahRNs


      hi sure, whats your phone number- 

      btw my email is 


  3. DZErika

    United States university FNP

    So excited we’re all finding each other early ! Sarah can you email me plz! ErikaAshleigh@yahoo.com
  4. DZErika

    United States university FNP

    I’m emailing you too! Hoping to start 9/3 if all goes though but if not 10/29
  5. DZErika

    Brenau part time Nursing Program -starting 2011

    Hi mkpatl.... I wasn't at the scheduled orientation b/c of a prior surgery I had scheduled 6 months ago for Dec 9.... I would've been in bad shape for the 12/11 orientation so I registered early. I think we all have the same schedule that you mentioned. I am excited to start and nervous too! ;-) Hlee--- Hi, my overall GPA is 3.2 (I have a prior Bachelors degree in Journalism and when I was a freshman 8 years ago I had a couple bad grades that still haunt my overall GPA) My nursing GPA is a 3.85 (classes only counting towards my nursing degree). The Kaplan I took in Feb during my 1st semester of A&P I (no biology or microbio ever taken in my college life) needless to say I got a 40 in the science section but 98 or 100 in the 3 other sections (math, grammar and reading). I would've done better in science but simply had never been exposed to that material. The adviser suggested I wait to take the Kaplan until I had some biology under my belt but I just wanted to get it over with asap & knew I could retest if needed after a 3 month waiting period. However, my overall score was a 81 which the lady who administered the test said that was a great score. I was told not to bother with retesting if I scored above a 60 or 65. Good luck with Brenau!!!

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