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Roll call:

Just checking to see if anyone here is going to Brenau for the part-time program starting in Jan??

I'll be there. So excited to meet some classmates!

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Yeah I'm starting the part time program in Jan. too. I'm soooo excited! I had my orientation this past Saturday. Are you register already? Everybody that registered with me had the same classes.... Med. Terminology, Patho, Jr. Nursing Seminar and Health Promo/Risk Reduction.

Hi guys. Congrats on your acceptance to Brenau! I applied there for fall and just took my Kaplan test but did HORRIBLE! I am a little freaked out. If you do not mind sharing, what were your GPA like and your Kaplan test scores. Thanks and Congrats again!!

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I did ok on the Kaplan, but I was really prepared. I had taken the Net to get into GPC and didn't do as well as I would have liked because I had not studied correctly and was expecting math much different than what was on the test. So, for the Kaplan I studied fractions like crazy! I also used the Kaplan study guide and that was really on target with the test material. My scores were 100 in reading, 93 in math, 81 in writing, 88 in critical thinking and 60 in science. I really wasn't very prepared for the science obviously. You should see if you can take the Kaplan again. Now that you know what to expect you can focus your studying... Use the Kaplan study guide and know the math section backwards and forwards and you'll do great!

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Hi mkpatl.... I wasn't at the scheduled orientation b/c of a prior surgery I had scheduled 6 months ago for Dec 9.... I would've been in bad shape for the 12/11 orientation so I registered early. I think we all have the same schedule that you mentioned. I am excited to start and nervous too! ;-)

Hlee--- Hi, my overall GPA is 3.2 (I have a prior Bachelors degree in Journalism and when I was a freshman 8 years ago I had a couple bad grades that still haunt my overall GPA) My nursing GPA is a 3.85 (classes only counting towards my nursing degree).

The Kaplan I took in Feb during my 1st semester of A&P I (no biology or microbio ever taken in my college life) needless to say I got a 40 in the science section but 98 or 100 in the 3 other sections (math, grammar and reading). I would've done better in science but simply had never been exposed to that material. The adviser suggested I wait to take the Kaplan until I had some biology under my belt but I just wanted to get it over with asap & knew I could retest if needed after a 3 month waiting period. However, my overall score was a 81 which the lady who administered the test said that was a great score. I was told not to bother with retesting if I scored above a 60 or 65.

Good luck with Brenau!!!

Thanks DZErika and mkpatl.

DZErika, you did GREAT on your Kaplan test! I heard not many people score in the 80s. And I was definitely not one of them. I am kind of worried but I asked the advisement and they told me some students retake it but don't bother. I know the minimum score is a 60 and I scored just right above it. But still, I am so nervous!!

For those of you attending Brenau I'd love to know if it's possible to go to Brenau on financial aid alone? Does the financial aid office have a lot of aid available to fund the entire degree? I'm curious because I'd love to go to Brenau but would not be able to pay out of pocket.

Hi! I have a few questions about the pt program at Brenau. I was hoping ya'll could help me. I know that classes are Tuesday and Thursday and clinicals on weekends, but I still have questions about the scheduling.

Does the program run through summers?

I know you start in January, do you graduate in January?

Do you think it is possible to be pregnant while in school? My name is a bit confusing, my husband and I have just decided to try IVF, we would like to try placement about 5 months prior to graduation...if I get in.

Thanks all!

For Brenau part time students.. I read online that you are allowed to change from part time- fulltime and vice versa, once. Are students allowed to do that year round or after the semester is completed? For example if I started in the 2012 Jan but want to change to full time I would have to wait until I complete the Spring semester as a part time student and then change to full time in the fall? Thanks!

I start Jan 2013. can you switch from part time to full time and if so when?

Just checking to see if anyone here is going to Brenau for the part-time program starting in Jan??

I'll be there. So excited to meet some classmates!

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I am applying for the Jan 14 start date!

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