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  1. Hello all, Please fill me in on your EP lab experiences. Why do you love it and why do you hate it? I’ve always been interested in this area and like to be challenged. My background is mostly recovery (5 yrs cardiac specific). There are some openings in one of our hospitals and I am entertaining the change. Also what was your previous experience and did you feel prepared?? Thanks!
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    I got quite a few and I passed with 75 questions. Not sure if it's indicative of passing, but in my case, it seemed that way.
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    Drexel University ACE Program Fall 2011 Start

    Atbui98- thanks for posting this! I am still waiting to hear myself and have been on edge since I too goofed early on in undergrad ....i have been taking my pre-reqs and also have maintained a 4.0 in them (my last 60 credits are pretty strong) so keeping my fingers crossed! congrats to you.