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Ambulatory care to ICU?

lukeybaby lukeybaby (New) New

Hey all!

So looking to hear from anyone else that went from ambulatory care to ICU?? Or any ICU nurse for that matter, with insight!

A little background about me....

Been a nurse for a little more than 5 yrs. did a little over a year on med Surg floor. A lot of GI post ops. Prob would've stayed longer but had my daughter and decided to stay home with her for a bit. About 6 months later got a position on same day unit within a cardiac hospital. ACLS and PALS certified. I do pre op and post op. We also become the dumping ground floor at times when there's no where else for patients to go that end up being admitted. I take the good with the bad though and for the most part, i enjoy the work. We do cardiac caths, ablations, TEEs, amongst other various procedures. I love the cardiac. Loved it in school as well. Been there over 3 years and also picked up another perdiem gig for the past year in a same day surgery center in the PACU. Procedures are not as exciting but it's fast paced which I like. Honestly, i don't do holidays or weekends between the two of them but I'm bored!!! I'm ready for more. I've always loved ICU and I'm not getting any younger either!!! Lol. 36.

Anyone made a similar switch? Any critical care nurse that can chime in about my current experience for the ICU?

Its much appreciated.

CowboyMedic, BSN, RN

Has 5 years experience. Specializes in Former Med-Surg-Neuro ICU, Current SRNA.

It sounds like you have the experience to make the move to an ICU. Just take a shot and go for it. It doesn't hurt to try if that is where you want to be.


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