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  1. Being an ugly nurse

    I'm sorry, but this has got to be one of the most lame threads on this site. We're seriously rallying around the "ugly" nurse to make themselves feel better because they've got other abilities that make them a good nurse?? Kind of like "everyone ge...
  2. Why did you choose oncology?

    I'm not an oncology nurse yet, but I cannot think of another specialty where my heart belongs more than in oncology. I lost my mom at the age of 47 to breast cancer and lost my dad at the age of 58 to lung cancer.
  3. D-U-N - done!!!

    My husband has been a long haul truck driver for many, many years. Do you realize how many crazy drivers he has to deal with each day, crazy drivers who put HIS life at risk? And it's only get worse as time goes on thanks to texting. Believe me, y...
  4. My Nursing Essay

    Please forgive the length, hopefully someone can give me some feedback on where and how I can cut back a bit. The school I hope to attend wants to know experiences since last attending school (I assume high school, 20+yrs ago!), reasons for wanting ...
  5. Nerves are shot, Took NCLEX Stopped at 85

    Did you walk 20 miles in 5ft. of drifting snow in bare feet as well?? Gimme a break...
  6. So check this out....

    Great story, mindlor. It's always refreshing to read something positive about the profession from time to time.
  7. Blue or white collar?

    A Harvard educated, top dog criminal defense attorney who cheats on his taxes, back stabs his co-workers and chases his secretary around the desk after hours is no "professional" in my eyes. I don't care what the 15 pieces of paper hanging on his wal...
  8. Blue or white collar?

    I'm pretty sure the blue collar bus driver who suddenly finds himself slipping and sliding down an ice covered highway in the middle of Winter with a bus load of passengers is going to disagree with you. When I think of a professional, I think of som...
  9. Once again.....I'm a "nurse".....

    During my 9 years as a MA working in various offices (in a former life) I never, EVER once came across a MA that called herself "nurse"...unbelievable, but true...On the other hand, I came across countless patients and members of the general public w...
  10. How messed up is this?

    Best post of the whole thread. Thank you.
  11. Ad for an MA program

    Well I obviously struck someone's nerve, didn't I? Btw, I don't know many middle aged men (or even women) who are looking to settle for a basically minimum wage job in some doc's office somewhere so maybe advertising was on to something with that ad?...
  12. Ad for an MA program

    Y'all realize that chick in the commercial was a paid ACTRESS, right??
  13. Why Is It That Everyone Thinks They're A Good Nurse?

  14. The Mockery of Nursing

    You aren't a nurse yet and haven't walked a mile in my shoes so therefore you....know nothing about anything. You aren't a nurse yet and haven't walked a mile in my shoes so therefore you....aren't capable of using proper English. You aren't a nurse ...
  15. The Mockery of Nursing

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! This thread cracks me up!!!!!:rotfl: Hey here another knee slapper fer ya.... When is the public, management, hospital CEO, doctors, patients, patients families, patients neighbors second cousins, etc. etc. etc. going to see me as a PR...