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  1. Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I took my NCLEX RN today. It shut off at 75 and I felt like I was going to vomit or pass out. Worst.test.ever! I felt prepared going in and got my tukus handed to me taking it, or so it felt! I got the "good" pop-up but still can't believe it till...
  2. University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) Residency Program October 2012

    I think they have begun contacting folks for interviews. Patiently waiting....
  3. UCH residency program, October 2012

    Has anyone heard from UCH yet regarding interviews for the Oct. cohort?
  4. How many tries did it take you to get in to Nursing school?

    I was trying to get into a accelerated program, which includes all my credits prior (and let's say that school was not always my #1 focus!). I was wait-listed 2x to a program, denied once (did not score high enough on my HESI after having a baby 2 we...
  5. Passed my NCLEX-RN! My NCLEX Review Material Tips

    Thanks for sharing! Good luck!
  6. HESI Reading Comp Conclusions help!

    I just studied my behind off! I did fairly well this time. Get sleep the night before is my best advice. I am graduating from the BSN program at University of Colorado in the Springs in 3 months, so something worked! Good luck!
  7. University of Colo, Colo Springs ABSN

    I am applying for the ABSN this month. I have almost all A's in my science pre-req's, but my overall is just around a 2.9 (bad grades from lonnngg ago count ). I scored 86% overall on my HESI last time, with an ill newborn at home. Hoping to do bette...
  8. HESI Reading Comp Conclusions help!

    Hi! I am about to take the HESI admissions test again. The only part I bombed last time was the reading comp conclusions, 47%!!! Ouch! I am not quite sure how to study for this so I do better this time. Any tips?? Thanks!!
  9. Any other Regis alternates out there?

    I don't remember, with your GPA and CNA I bet you will be in before you know it. Hang in there, good thoughts coming your way!
  10. Any other Regis alternates out there?

    I don't think it hurts, but it can def keep you hoping for something for a long time. I am now looking into CU colorado springs and Metro. Regis is an amazing school and I think there are a lot of people with healthcare experience that are almost ove...
  11. Any other Regis alternates out there?

    Hi there- I was a Regis alternate 3 times, finally I realized that it did not get me very far That said, I was also on the waitlist for ACC's ADN program and was #3 on the list and got called. The tough part with the Regis list is that it is renew...
  12. Losing hope: Accelerated BSN in Colorado

    thanks mzchas! i gave up my spot in an asn/adn program last month. i really want to do a bsn program just because of where i am at in my life. also, in this area adn's are having a tough time getting jobs according to the ones i have spoke with. i ap...
  13. Losing hope: Accelerated BSN in Colorado

    hi all! i am looking for some advice and tips on what to do... i graduated in 2006 with my bs in psych and bio. i was very blessed to find a great job in the corporate world right away while i began to apply in 2007. little to my dismay, i found tha...