Losing hope: Accelerated BSN in Colorado

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hi all!

i am looking for some advice and tips on what to do...

i graduated in 2006 with my bs in psych and bio. i was very blessed to find a great job in the corporate world right away while i began to apply in 2007. little to my dismay, i found that it was much more difficult than i anticipated to get into an absn program.

i have applied to regis 4 times, was brought in for an interview and placed on the alternate list every time....my number never got called :mad:. so, here i am working away and raising a family. then, last month i was accepted into an amazing adn program in littleton as #2 on the waitlist. i took the spot and then realized that not being able to work for 2 years and not having my bsn (which has been my ultimate goal) was too much to take on. i am regretting it now, at least a little bit. i am applying for uccs's absn program coming up here and am desperately looking for some help and tips on what i can do to get noticed!

my overall is a 3.0 (because of all courses being taken into consideration. even the ones from 1999 as a stupid kid). i graduated with honors in my major from cu denver. my science pre-req's are about a 3.5. i have volunteer experience, but the only medical experience i have is an internship with the head of neurology at a large hospital here my senior year of college. i basically gave up after i forfeited my spot last month in the adn program, but i know in my heart that i will not feel whole if i give up on this. being a nurse is something that i knew i wanted. now more than over i know that. i can't give up! help! thanks for any tips and advice, this girl that is dying to be an rn is very grateful!! :D


Here is a list of 230 Accelerated BSN programs in the US: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/Education/pdf/APLIST.PDF. The list shows 8 programs in Colorado.

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Don't lose hope please!!!

I too graduated in 2006. Luckily landed a job weeks before graduation and had been working diligently in my position, climbing the latter in the process. However, the economy hit my company and I was among the fortunate ones to get laid-off. Going back to get my ABSN looked like the perfect way to go. However, I'm still waiting to hear back from my #1 school. I applied for their Fall semester, but found out the 55 seats filled up and now my application is being reviewed for the Spring semester. So, just in case I applied for an Accelerated ASN program (3 semesters long) for the Spring.

Does your CC's have an accelerated ASN program? I know you want the BSN, but see if there is one in your area. My undergrad GPA is 3.2 and my prerequisites is about 3.5. Your GPA is fine. There are plenty of prenursing students on here that can share with you that with a 4.0 prereq GPA they still didn't get into NS. Hang in there and apply to all the programs you can.

thanks mzchas! i gave up my spot in an asn/adn program last month. i really want to do a bsn program just because of where i am at in my life. also, in this area adn's are having a tough time getting jobs according to the ones i have spoke with. i appreciate the support! fingers crossed for you too! stay positive! :)

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