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  1. Hey everyone, I am currently trying to enroll into a BSN program. I am a recent graduate (this past May 2010), BA in Spanish, and I am taking some pre. req.s for nursing this fall semester. I studied at UPR, Rio Piedras this past spring 2010 and I am interested in going back to PR for nursing. Simply because it is inexpensive and I can improve my spanish! I have been searching the threads here for info about Universidad Metropolitana's program for nursing (the English option) and I have not really found anything. I have really only found info about universidad Interamericana which is kind of weird . But Is anyone a current student or graduate or about to enter the program at UMET (Universidad Metropolitana)? I have emailed the director of the program some questions and should hear from them sometime this week. But could someone tell me of their experience with the classes at this university, finding a place to live, if you like the nursing program, what campus you attend to take the classes, what the clinicals are like, earning your BSN and working in PR or moving back to the states, how helpful are the professors, how difficult are the classes, etc . I currently live in westchester NY and it is just too expensive to go to nursing school in the states in my opinion and I do not want to wait on a waiting list and put a hold on becoming an RN. If anyone has information or experience I would really appreaciate it!!!! THANKS!!! MissCamille007 :redbeathe
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    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    Hey guys, I will be attending Inter. this Aug. 2011. But I cannot seem to find out the total cost of the program for the trimester/2yr sequence. Can someone please tell me how much the program costs. I need to take out loans in order to apply. Thanks
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    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    Heyy PuertoRicoLocal I will be moving to PR in June 2011 to go to Inter's nursing program at the metro campus. Would you be able to tell me the best towns to live in that are close to the campus. Im not sure if I will be bringing my car to PR but could you also suggest where to get a car or even a motorcycle in PR. I lived in PR for four months so I am pretty familiar with the San Juan and Rio Piedras areas. My only concern is that I will need a car when it is time to go to clinicals. Thankx MissCamille007