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  1. Noob_to_Nursing

    Is it time to quit?

    Thanks all for the replies. I think I've decided that this is it for me. I admire all of you CNAs and healthcare professionals for your strong spines and thick skins. Thanks again for the constructive criticism and advice. Good luck in your healthcare careers!!!
  2. Noob_to_Nursing

    Is it time to quit?

    Thanks for the advice!
  3. Noob_to_Nursing

    Should I wait? or should i Go?

    Hi MusicEMT, I would say wait. I'm in socal too; try to find the community colleges that offer a lottery so that you have a chance to get in. But apply to all of them. Also, when I took Anatomy and Physiology courses at Santa Monica College, the professor said it's better to go to school in an area where you will eventually work because during clinicals, you need the connections to get a job. I wanted to do the accelerated BSN or MSN but may not be able to because of the competitive nature and high price of them. You can get your ADN (RN license) and go into a RN-MSN program in the future.
  4. Noob_to_Nursing

    Is it time to quit?

    Am finally getting into the groove of being a new CNA. So, while a fellow CNA was on break (or so I thought because they asked if I could take care of a female patient because I'm a female and he's not), I helped another of his patients go to the bathroom. Apparently, this CNA told that patient earlier that it wasn't morning yet and that the patient should sleep when the patient requested to go to the bathroom. The nurse runs into the bathroom and tells me I shouldn't have transferred the patient by myself (even though I did it okay) because the patient was wobbly (granted this is my first night back in like a week and no one tells me this). The nurse calls the CNA to take care of his patient but at this point is fuming because I got the patient up to go the bathroom. The CNA turns to me and very seriously says, "I'm going to hurt you." before returning to an argument with the nurse. I walked away to have them argue and went on my break to cry. Honestly, everyone says that he's sarcastic, etc., but every shift that I end up being with him on...he makes it a point to make me feel that I don't belong there. I have no problems with the residents or the other CNAs. What do I do?
  5. Noob_to_Nursing

    Foley bag wasn't closed...help

    Thanks for the replies! I think I freaked out because I just woke up and that was the first thing on my mind as well as more nerves on being a new CNA. The office job I left has NOTHING on this job!
  6. Noob_to_Nursing

    Foley bag wasn't closed...help

    Background: I have a patient with a Foley bag and am a new CNA...first shift alone also by myself... The nurse moved the patient to his chair and then when I came into the room, there was a puddle by the patient. I asked the nurse what it was and she said, "I don't know. Does it smell like urine?" Granted, a few minutes into the shift, I kind of get used to the smells that are around the facility and so I say it doesn't. She advises me to wipe up the mess with a clean towel. Later on, I see the leak again and realize that it was his Foley bag that wasn't closed (meaning the clamp wasn't down on the tube). So it was his urine on the floor!!! ARGH!!!! What do I do??????????? I just woke up with the realization that I didn't tell the nurse that that was what it was before the end of my shift. I'm so scared; I'm not sure what to do. The patient would walk on the floor (not on the leak, I don't think; there may have been a spot on his sock). HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should just quit now... =(
  7. Hello all! I have a few questions: 1. How do you personally change the brief of a resident who has a broken leg in a brace? 2. How do you personally change the brief of a resident who has an ostomy bag? I'm talking about residents who are total care and need a lot of assistance in turning, etc. Thanks!
  8. Noob_to_Nursing

    Slower pace environment for CNA's?

    Baubo, Just curious, did you get the activities job? Also, how do you feel about leaving the LTC job after 3 months? Will that affect your resume for future employment?
  9. So, let's say a new CNA was checking a patient's brief for any sign of bowel movement (with the patient's permission)...the CNA's back was to the 3/4 closed curtain and didn't notice that a visitor was suddenly coming into the area (the area is a multi-bed room with curtains for privacy). The patient noticed, however, and covered himself quickly and the visitor who suddenly came in apologized profusely for interrupting. The patient seemed fine and ok when the visitor kept apologizing (because the visitor saw something). Should the CNA be written up?
  10. Okay, so for some reason, I can't seem to get this one class finished: Nutrition. I withdrew from it once (and now a big fat W along with another W grade that I got from Psychology...As and Bs in the sciences just not in any other class that doesn't involve science) shows up on my transcript and now I'm almost failing this class now that I'm finally taking it. I plan to retake it again for a better grade but it will still show on my transcript. I think I am just psychologically not doing well in this class due to my hate for vegetables. Anyone, go through the same thing? I admit that I probably should take this class and nothing else the next time I take it.
  11. How long does it take to get your CNA certificate in Southern California? I keep checking the website: http://www.apps.cdph.ca.gov/cvl/SearchPage.aspx But my name doesn't show up...
  12. Noob_to_Nursing

    Where to find CNA jobs in SoCal? & Depressed rant...

    Are you in Southern California? There are very few jobs available in long term care facilities (and I've called over 40 LTC facilities). In any case, I decided that the calling wasn't working and would go ahead and apply in person even if they said that they were not hiring but I could fill out an application. So I go to this one place, I'm a new grad so bear in mind my certificate hasn't even been sent to me but I have proof that I passed both the Written and Skills exam for the State of California... Anyway, they tell me there is going to be a test when I apply. I get there, dressed professionally, with all of my documents and ready to go! I noticed that there is one lady taking the test in the lobby...hair unkempt with jeans, sneakers and a plaid long sleeved shirt. UNFORTUNATELY, I can't even APPLY because I don't have the actual certificate. I even made color copies of my documents for them to keep. So, this applicant, who probably didn't even bother to look presentable for an interview, will get a job there because she "knows someone". It just makes me SO ANGRY!!! And very discouraged as well.
  13. I just graduated and received my CNA certificate in southern California. Unfortunately, it's been REALLY HARD finding a job at a long term care facility. Is there a special website for finding jobs? I've tried Indeed.com mostly because it pulls jobs from all sites. I keep hearing about this "registry" and I think it's this: http://www.apps.cdph.ca.gov/cvl/SearchPage.aspx However, my name isn't on there because I just graduated. =( Everybody kept saying to me "OH, just get on the registry and then you'll find a job." The only jobs online are for hospitals, which I have no experience. I tried to get into Davita to be a PCT because the forums said that you didn't need dialysis experience but I've been immediately rejected for that. I've looked at different Medical rating sites for long term care facilities as well to see what's around. I'm getting really discouraged and that all that money I spent was for nothing and I'm quickly running out of money to pay the bills. *CRIES*
  14. Noob_to_Nursing

    What if you don't want to be an RN anymore?

    I'm not a nurse (yet) but I'm a 3rd career changer who's in her mid-30s. My friend became a nurse in her 50s and inspired me to become a nurse. I'm new to this but I've met a few RNs along the way and made me think, "Wow! RNs can do most anything!" I've taken a CPR class from an RN who owned her own business just teaching 4 hour CPR classes to those who needed to renew; she was associated with the American Heart Association. I've also met RNs who are evaluators or teachers at the American Red Cross to potential CNA students. Personally, my teacher was an LVN and taught the full-time class which was from 7:30am-4:30am M-F. The RN taught the weekend/evening class. I also took an online class at a university for Medical Terminology, run by an RN. The lectures were pre-recorded slides. I think all three jobs would be less stressful and maybe a little bit of fun. That said, I think that you are still young. =)
  15. I just got my two rejection emails from Davita to be a PCT. I'm in the process of finishing my CNA cert so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I don't have any healthcare or volunteer experience. I was told that all you needed was CNA because they train you. Should I just wait until I get my CNA cert before trying to apply to other locations? HELP! Feel so rejected, Depressed in SoCalifornia