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  1. NurseJAG

    Little Company of Mary Torrance 2012

    Any interview tips on the ones who did get offers?? What do you think made them hire you?
  2. NurseJAG

    Little Company of Mary Torrance 2012

    How did everyones interview go?? I thought It went by really fast.
  3. NurseJAG

    Little Company of Mary Torrance 2012

    Ive been looking for info too! I got the call yesterday for an interview there next week. I have to fly down from the bay area. They said it will be a 30 min interview with 4 ppl. They're thinking of hiring 10 people total or more for M/S Tele and a step-down unit. Thats all the info I got.
  4. NurseJAG

    VAPA New Grad Program 2011

    Okay, so i applied for the VA position and submitted my application along w/ the 2 required federal forms, cover letter, and resume. But my application status says unavailable. Is this a technical problem? I swear I completed the application. Is anyone else having this problem? or can help? I would appreciate it
  5. NurseJAG

    Priority Question HELP!

    Hi I just took my NCLEX and still stressing over it. I had a priority question that bugged me, and I wanted to ask any fellow nurses on this thread and NCLEX takers for some help I know we are taught ABCs when picking an answer for priority question but the question was .."Which patient in the would you see first? and the 3 answers I was stuck on were a. Pt complaining of chest pain -----possible MI b. Pt complaining of SOB ---- I picked this , am i wrong?! c. Pt w/ clear dry drainage around halo traction --- I was thinking it would be CSF leaking
  6. NurseJAG

    Cedars-Sinai RN New Grad 2011

    Congrats! Did anyone else get a call today?
  7. Hi Is the Q&A portion the interviews with managers? How are they able to pick who will get a 1st interview or everyone will?
  8. NurseJAG

    Tips for UCLA Residency program

    Hi I recently applied to the UCLA RN residency program and I want to know if anyone has gone through the interview process or has completed the program. With your experience what tips and types of questions can I prepare myself for the phone interview ? I live in the bay area and I want the position reeallly bad. It is tough finding a job in the bay area especially as a new grad. i know there is a lot of competition out there so I need every advice to help me stand out. Thanks for your time
  9. NurseJAG

    Interview tips

    Hello I am a new grad and trying to prepare myself for interview but I have no idea where to start! Nursing school DID NOT teach me anything on interviews. Can anyone please give me tips ? or questions they have encountered?
  10. NurseJAG

    Bay Area NICU's

    Kaiser Santa Rosa its pretty small and might be a little far
  11. NurseJAG

    John Muir Nurses ! ICN/NICU

    This is for the John Muir nurses in walnut creek I am currently a preceptee at John Muir and I would love to work at their ICN/NICU one day just bcuz i fell in love with the hospital and I have always wanted to be a NICU nurse. So I have heard that they are opening a new ICN unit with more beds. Does this mean they will be hiring really soon? I will be graduating this Dec 2010, since with this hiring freeze craziness is there hope for me???? Also any tips ?
  12. NurseJAG

    Bay Area nurses

    What hospitals in the bay area have NICUs or Intensive care nurseries ??
  13. NurseJAG

    Preceptorship .. HELP!

    Hello I am a senior nursing student and starting my preceptorship this weekend. Im real nervous about it. What are some tips that can help me get by for those that experienced it already? How do you organize all your doctors orders for all 4 patients??!
  14. Hi Working NICU/Peds Nurses I will be graduating from the nursing program in December and I am already searching through hospital websites for openings. I know that with today's economy it has been hard for many new grads to even land a job especially in the bay area which is where I am located. I just would like to know from you nurses working in NICUs/PEDs if your hospital or unit is hiring at the moment or REAL soon as of 2011?? Will you be opening New Grad programs? If so, where and when? Please let me know. Thanks!
  15. NurseJAG

    Memorizing Meds ..HELP!

    Hi Nursing students and Nurses I am struggling on trying to memorize medications of all systems. I will be taking my exit exam from my nursing program in a couple of months and I need HELP! I purchased pharm flash cards called "PHARM PLASH" by Valerie Leek. However, it still seems like too much information. Please students and nurses what are some strategies that you do to be able to know your meds? Tips please