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Hi Working NICU/Peds Nurses

I will be graduating from the nursing program in December and I am already searching through hospital websites for openings. I know that with today's economy it has been hard for many new grads to even land a job especially in the bay area which is where I am located. I just would like to know from you nurses working in NICUs/PEDs if your hospital or unit is hiring at the moment or REAL soon as of 2011?? Will you be opening New Grad programs? If so, where and when? Please let me know. Thanks!

I live in OK and all the major hospitals in town are hiring for NICU/PICU/peds. I just graduated from my RN program in May, and none of my classmates had difficulty getting jobs. I already had a job as an LPN and a small pediatric hospital, and just got hired at the big teaching hospital into the PICU. They are not considering me a "new grad" due to my LPN experience (less than a year) because I have heard that this hospital is not hiring new grads right now. However, right around graduation I look and saw "new grad" positions in the NICU, so I think it just cycles through.

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I'm in MA and my hospital hires new grads but our census took a nosedive and we won't be hiring any time soon.

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