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  1. sarah505

    A&P practice test

    can someone please explain the part about the person figuring out what to study etc to me? i am confused lol. thanks
  2. sarah505

    excelsior practice test

    Hi everyone, So i just took the excelsior practice test A for a&p and scored a 34%. I can't believe i scored so low lol. I am wondering what score i should be shooting for? I see people saying on here that they pass with like 40's etc. If you don't mind my asking what were your scores on practice tests, and then what did you actually score real exam? I do not plan to take exam yet, just want to know how badly i really did and how much farther i need to go to pass : ). Thanks
  3. sarah505

    Study buddy Albany NY

    lol thx brillyd
  4. sarah505

    Physiology Demystified

    Hello, Has anyone used "physiology demystified" to study for their excelsior a & p exam? My question is do you feel the content goes enough into detail to pass this test? Also, if you do recommend can i use this alone or will i need other study materials as well? Thanks!
  5. sarah505

    Study buddy Albany NY

    Hi, I plan to take a&p in dec, then on to micro : ( lol. After that i have humanities then 9 nursing tests. So i still have a ways to go lol. How long have you both been enrolled? Thanks
  6. sarah505

    Study buddy Albany NY

    Hello, Is there anyone out there looking for a study buddy who lives in or near the Albany NY area? I am studying for the excelsior a & p exam right now. Thanks you, Sarah
  7. sarah505

    Info needed on EC's A&P test please...

    thanks everyone for the great advice!
  8. sarah505

    Info needed on EC's A&P test please...

    hey little miss redpatch thanks for the response! quick question, do you feel if you had only studied with using studyguide101 that you still would've passed the exam and or done so well? thanks again
  9. Hello, I am preparing to start studying for excelsior's a & p test. I am wondering if anyone has any updated study materials to recommend? I was thinking of getting physiology demystified, and using the ec content guides. Also purchasing the ec practice tests. I am worried if i only get the physiology demystified then i wont have had enough study materials for the anatomy portion of the test. Any advice anything that is good for just the anatomy portion? or both portions lol. thanks so much!
  10. sarah505

    Thanks to everyone!

    Hello all, I just wanted to post and tell you all how helpful this site is! I absolutley love this site it has helped me answer so many questions and better yet given me so much good advice. Thanks again to everyone! Sarah :loveya:
  11. sarah505

    I really want this...

    Hey all, I guess i am just looking for advice. I am feeling so discouraged and hopeless right now. I am currently an LPN and have been for one year. I have done some of my pre req's for the RN program as well. I finished up my pre req's before lpn school and before having a baby. So now i started back and just found it was too much with school and work and having a 3 year old. I had to drop my classes this semester because it has all just been too much. I was studying as much as i could ( while my daughter was at school, taking a nap, bedtime, i would bring note cards to work, etc) and even with that i was barely if at all passing my class. I have read other posts about people who do it with children and families etc i just wish i knew how i am going to get through this. I will be taking anp 2 in the fall. Which was the class i had to drop this summer. I want to be an RN more than anything it just feels like am impossible goal at this point in my life. Any words of wisdom etc lol would be great. Thanks so much for reading.
  12. sarah505

    analyzing and interpreting literature (clep)

    Hey tashaLPN2006, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions i have. I noticed that you have taken alot of excelsior's exams. this is actually the first exam i am going to take and i would love some advice, lol. I am so nervous about having to take a&p and micro. What did you do for these exams, how did you self study? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again
  13. Hi, I am wondering if anyone would be willing to give me any info on what sort of financial programs are out there. I am enrolling in Excelsior College's ASN program. This program is not eligible for federal student aid. Does anyone who is in or has gone through this program have any ideas, or advice?? Thanks so much for reading!!
  14. sarah505

    analyzing and interpreting literature (clep)

    Hello again, thanks for your help. I did end up calling excelsior and they verified that the essay portion of this exam is not required. Just in case anyone was wanting to know. :) Thanks again!!
  15. Hey all, Quick question, does anyone know if the essay portion of analyzing and interpreting literature clep exam is required for the asn program? Thanks a bunch!
  16. sarah505

    : ) questions about excelsior college

    Thank you all for the great answers, they were very helpful! :)

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