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  1. xintothebreezex

    Job Shadowing a Nurse in NY?

    Hey, I am 15 years old and I am hoping to become a nurse, especially in either neonatal or pediatrics. I volunteer at the hospital, but I know a few other people who have "job shadowed" someone in order to learn exactly what the person does in his/her career. I was wondering how I could job shadow a nurse in ny? (anywhere on **Long Island, or even near the Hudson valley, around new paltz, kingston, and poughkeepsie) Thanks!
  2. xintothebreezex

    long island hospital NICU volunteering?

    Hi, I just started volunteering at the NICU at winthrop hospital in mineola, ny. I really love it, but I'm unable to touch the babies at all, which I completely understand why. But a lot of people on here have said some of the duties of a NICU volunteer include "cuddling" and comforting the more stable newborns. So I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the below hospitals lets their volunteers do that? ^ 1) Schneider's Children's Hospital 2) L.I.J. Medical Center 3) South Nassau Hospital 4) Mercy Medical Center Thanks for any help!
  3. xintothebreezex

    New NICU Volunteer at Winthrop U Hospital!

    I used to volunteer at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY in the maternity/nursery and loved it. But they closed the volunteer program for a few months because of flu season, and I'm ready to go back this Sunday. But I wanted to try volunteering in the NICU. So my first day is Sunday in the NICU and I'm both excited and nervous! Can anyone tell me what my duties might be that might be different from the jobs I performed in the maternity/nursery unit? I would especially appreciate it if a nurse from Winthrop sees this and could inform me (: Thanks for any help!
  4. xintothebreezex

    Good Nursing Colleges (Help Please!)

    I live on Long Island, NY so I'm not looking to go TOO far but I do want to go away... anywhere in NY, PA, NJ, MA, CT, or RI .... even Delaware or Maryland I would go to! And cost.... I would say less than $30,000 for tuition, less than $40,000 in total with all costs. Thanks!
  5. xintothebreezex

    Good Nursing Colleges (Help Please!)

    Hi, I'm looking for a college to go to that offers a 4 year Bachelors degree for Nursing(RN). Please, any help is appreciated! Good colleges, with good technology (like Simulation Labs and clinical opportunities!), medium sized, in a decent area, that don't cost a ridiculous amount? Thanks :)