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Hi, I just started volunteering at the NICU at winthrop hospital in mineola, ny. I really love it, but I'm unable to touch the babies at all, which I completely understand why. But a lot of people on here have said some of the duties of a NICU volunteer include "cuddling" and comforting the more stable newborns.

So I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the below hospitals lets their volunteers do that? ^

1) Schneider's Children's Hospital

2) L.I.J. Medical Center

3) South Nassau Hospital

4) Mercy Medical Center

Thanks for any help!

Cohen Children's Medical Center fka Schneider Children's Hospital does not allow NICU volunteers to cuddle the patients. If you are referring to the New Hyde Park campus when you refer to LIJ, the NICU is located in the Children's Hospital. There is no separate NICU in the LIJ portion of the campus.

Try to look into lower level NICUs if you desire to cuddle as part of your duties as a volunteer. The higher level NICUs have higher medically complex and fragile patients which will greatly reduce your role.

Good luck in your search.

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