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  1. pullnshoot25

    Review of Louisiana nursing school option

    Does anyone know about the reciprocity agreements with CA and LA? BTW, Mr. Lewis, I called you last night!
  2. pullnshoot25

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    Time zones.
  3. pullnshoot25

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    Wait until they surrender that. Socialism doesn't work.
  4. pullnshoot25

    Review of Louisiana nursing school option

    Wow, so much for notification emails! Sorry I was vague initially but I am more interested in if a nursing degree would carry weight out here in my home state of California. Anyone got anything on this?
  5. So I am looking at applying for the Accelerated ASN program at Our Lady of The Lake college in Toulane, LA and I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with this college or knowledge of how well-received a LA nursing degree is across the country. Any help is appreciated!
  6. pullnshoot25

    Feeling like I am spinning my wheels

    So for a while now I have wanted to be a nurse. Here is the deal... I am a 24yr-old EMT-B that is one class short of a BS in Human Biology from UCSD. The plan I had was to not finish my BS just yet (because of how tuition increases after one acquires a BS degree), get into an RN program at one of the local community colleges, complete it and then go back and finish my BS. The rut though is that I have been turned down twice now by one of the schools and all the other local schools are impacted with 3 year wait times, all of which has me feeling pretty crappy and somewhat regretful about my education at UCSD, considering the time, money, blood sweat and tears I put into it and I can't even get into a nursing program. The worst part about it is that I am short points on the exam criteria because I don't have a degree nor any other life circumstances (e.g. kids, financial duress, etc). Being that I am now 24 and should be out of school or into a Masters program of some sort by now certainly doesn't help the ego either. All that said (and I realize my above post is a bit disjointed), here are the options that I see before myself. 1) Finish my BS and get into an RN program 2) Finish my BS and get into University of Wisconsin's BS-to-BSN degree program ($37,500) 3) Pay 28k and get into a Kaplan program, get my RN/BSN and then finish my BS. 4) Finish my degree, forget nursing and go do something else. What do you guys think? Any suggestions or other experience? Any help is appreciated.
  7. pullnshoot25

    An odd fork in the road

    Hey everyone! First-time poster here seeking some information or advice on my current education situation. As it stands right now, I am 2 labs away from having a Human Biology degree from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) but for reasons I shall explain below, I am not certain that I want to finish my degree just yet. My eventual goal is to become an RN via the BSN route. I have all the core classes and then some but the hard part is figuring out what I should be doing. As of right now, I could finish my BS and enter into a BS-to-BSN program. However, if I finish my BS my education costs go up quite a bit, not to mention that loans are not as available and most. Once I get my foot into the door for nursing, I can then go back and take the last two labs that I need to finish my original BS. I feel that I am at an odd place in my education path. Has anyone been in a similar situation or have any relevant advice?