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  1. angeloa22

    Update and advice needed!

    Hey guys! So Im in the 4th day of nursing school. I'm in a private college so it's a pretty fast phased class. Anyway, everything is going well except for a few things. It seems to me and other students as well that the staff are only coming in intoducing themselves and throwing in chapters for us to do. I mean I know that how it should be but I think they could have a better structure. Were on our 4th day and we have no schedule what so ever we just kind of come in and see how things go for the day. Anyway, what I really wanted advice on is the medical terminology class. We found out yesterday that we have a "teacher" but she's not going to "teach" us. She ls basically coming in once a week tell us what chapters to do and it's our responsibility to learn everything before a test. Which I find difficult. So I was wondering how do you guys memorize so many terminology? I I've made flash cards but it doesn't seem to stick to me. Help! Thanks in advance!
  2. angeloa22

    LVN program starts on Monday! :-)

    Carrington in the Bay Area. Are you in CA?
  3. angeloa22

    LVN program starts on Monday! :-)

    Thank you all! @angiebear - awesome! What school are you attending?
  4. angeloa22

    LVN program starts on Monday! :-)

    @christine2009 - thank you so much for the advice! I appreciate it And I'm very excited for this new journey. How long is your program? How you done clinicals yet?
  5. Hey fellow students. I start the Lvn program on Monday and very stoked! Any last minute advice would be much appreciated. What should I expect? And for anyone currently in Lvn program, how's the class so far? Thank you! :-)
  6. angeloa22


    @staff - I'm using an iPhone 4. Its just a little laggy. Wish it was iPhone mobile capable like this one for example. TiPb: The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog
  7. angeloa22

    I found a good way to bridge to RN.

    @collegegirl209 - yeah I have to drive Monday - Thursday. But it'll be worth it trust me. And yes they have one in sacramento but the one in San leandro is actually closer! The onenin Sacramento is way up north! Where you here in Modesto?
  8. angeloa22


    @caliotter3 - I rarely has issues with it. Except that I have to keep doing things twice. For example when I post this reply I have to reply twice! So frustrating. Do you know any other nursing forums like this one?
  9. angeloa22


    @caliotter3 - was it? I rarely user laptop for it. I'm always on the go so an app would be awesome! :-)
  10. angeloa22


    Hi guys! I was wondering how you access this website. Anyone use mobile device, iPhone, Blackberry etc to view this website? I really enjoy this forum. It's great to talk to other students/nurses. But I wish it was mobile friendly or there's was an app for it!
  11. angeloa22

    I found a good way to bridge to RN.

    Hey collegegirl209 I'm located in Modesto also and I'm starting school on the 27th in Carrigton College California. Check them out! They're located in San Leandro by Hayward. They have one in Stockton but I've heard bad things and they do not offer Lvn. Ps. Glad to see someone here that's around my area. :-)
  12. angeloa22

    Starting school in 2 weeks! (LVN)

    Hey guys! I'm starting school very soon. (2 weeks) and was wondering if anyone has any advice on what i need to buy for school. Backpacks?Binders? etc. I'm very excited and wanted to get things done before school. Also, do you remember your first day of school? If so, how was it? what did you guys do in the first day? Thanks guys!
  13. Hello As far as i know almost every school does require a test before getting accepted in school. I dont know exactly what you're gonna be taking it all depends with the school. As for me i had to take the cPAT exam and also Hesi A2 exam. But i say just tough it out. I'm not big on test either. I actually failed the first time i took the cPAT but i studied right when i got home and passed it the next day. The Hesi A2 exam is a longer exam (4 hours) is the time they give you. For example, it only took me 1 and a half hour to finish the test. They tell you which study guide to buy. I had the Evolve Reach for the Hesi A2 exam. Studied it for a week and was soooooo nervous and worried. But thank God, i passed with flying colors! Hope this helps. and Goodluck!
  14. angeloa22

    Laptop Recommendations

    If you're not planning to use it very often or as your primary computer then I'd say go for a Sony or even HP something that you can have MA Word running smoothly. Personally I use a 13 inch MacBook Pro and it's great but pricey. But it really all depends on you. Ask you self what you want out of the machine, how much your gonna use it for, how long the laptop will hold up etc. Hope this helps! :-)
  15. angeloa22

    Booo! Torn ligament.

    This totally sucks. I'm starting LVN program In the end of September and I just tore a ligament on my ankles. Hoping to get better asap! I'm doing some rest, ice, compression, and elevate. Any tips how I can have a speedy recovery? Thanks guys!