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Western Career College/ Carrington College

Pre-Nursing   (1,724 Views 3 Comments)
by angeloa22 angeloa22 (Member)

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...any Western Career College/Carrington College Hayward, CA students here?

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I am going to the question/anser orientation on Nov 10th at the Sac campus... have you going to orientation yet?

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Christine2009 works as a Student.

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I would not go to Western Career College if my life depended on it! They are soooooo expensive $45,000 for LVN, $60,000 for LVN to RN prereq classes and program with a grand total of $105,000!!!

Also, financial aid will not cover all the tuition and you are left with a humongus balance that must be paid in monthly payments to the school.

I am going to Gurnick Acadamy of Medical Arts and thier program is only $26,775 with the majority of the program covered by financial aid. I am so happy there and glad I chose this school over Western.

I took thier Medical Assisting program 10 years ago from them ($16,000) then went back to do thier LVN program in 2003. The class was so disorganized and the teachers would teach one thing and test on another. I ended up dropping out before the first term was over and just went back to being a MA.

I do encourage you to go to the orientation and find out for yourself. The school might just work out for you.

Best of luck to you on your journey...

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