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  1. The origianl deadline was Nov 1st, I got an extension until the 15th. I used the TCNs. PS: the TEAS was super hard. I would brush up on chemistry and gramma and study long hand multiplication and division with percents. I passed but my coworker did not Happy Halloween everyone!
  2. So ISU just called and gave me an extension for my last 2 CSMs. I should be starting phase 3 in January! I am taking my TEAS test on Thursday. Cindarent I will let you know how it goes!
  3. Hey Cindarent, I am in Nor Cal, in phase II. I missed passing 2 of the CSMs by 2 questions each... very frustrating. Anyways, I was going to apply for phase 3 in Nov, but now I have to wait until the next round. This thread is VERY helpful with navigating ISU and TCN. Look at the old messages for help :)
  4. jesscolap

    LPN to RN bridge program????

    Wow, you are only getting a 5 to 6 dollar raise? You are at the wrong facility. Here in Cali the LVNs start at $20ish and the RNs start at $40ish. The RN's I work with at UC Davis make 80,000 to 90,000 a year.
  5. jesscolap

    LPN to RN bridge program????

    You should take into consideration that 20,000 isnt that much when you will be doubling your salary as an RN :)
  6. jesscolap

    LPN to BSN

    do not go through the College Network for ISU LPN to BSN. It is a rip off!
  7. What did you decide? I am going to the WCC LVN to RN information meeting on November 10th. I have all my pre req's done... but I wanted to hear about your experience. THANKS!
  8. jesscolap

    Western Career College/ Carrington College

    I am going to the question/anser orientation on Nov 10th at the Sac campus... have you going to orientation yet?
  9. jesscolap

    Western Career College??

    Is anyone attending WCC currently? I am going to the orientation on November 10th if anyone wants to come check it out with me