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  1. DanC

    32 Hour work week?

    Thank you for the response. I am hoping for more than one example but the one provided is great.
  2. DanC

    32 Hour work week?

    Can anyone tell me about units doing 32hours/week? Particularly interested in what the rotation is like, particularly for 8 hour shifts 7 day a week 24/7.
  3. DanC

    Pay for 2.5 yr RN in Dallas

    If you are a ER nurse your gonna love Parkland.
  4. DanC

    Pay for 2.5 yr RN in Dallas

    I moved from Dallas some years back due to ageing parents. I worked in the ED at Parkland hospital and I do love Dallas. If you cannot find a job in Dallas, no matter what field you are in, you do not deserve one. Dallas is a great city and it is ...
  5. DanC

    What is this Press-Ganey business?

    I hate to burst everyone's bubble but the facts are as follows: 1. Press-Ganey is the big boy in the industry. 2. Your facility places great value on the information Press-Ganey gives them. 3. Your facility pays big $$$$$ for this information. 4. Yo...
  6. DanC

    RN/firefighter policies and procedures

    Check with the governing agency over EMS in your state in Texas it is the Dept. of Health. there is a medical director over the EMS area of the health department and each service/ area has their own medical controll,(MD/DO). As far as what you can d...
  7. DanC


    I agree mine are in the folder and posted on the CV; but not on my work ID, there is not enough space on the badge. Just name, RN, BSN
  8. DanC

    Putting a mask on a spitter

    After many years in large trauma center it is my thought that all spitters are hypoxic and need oxygen del. by mask.