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  1. Kassiopeia

    My Study Guide For HESI - Passed On First Try!

    **deleted*** sorry lol didn't see where the thread was posted
  2. Kassiopeia

    Competitive Pre-Nursing Students?

    Wow I didn't think anyone was more competitive than pre-med students in my school. Now that was cut-throat. Doesn't look too quiet here either heheh...
  3. Kassiopeia

    Important Question about Nursing!

    A BSN is a BSN. Of course you can get a job at the same rate as someone with one degree. I have B.S. in Biology and taking some pre-reqs now before applying for Fall 2011 accelerated programs.
  4. Kassiopeia

    How do you stay sexy in nursing school

    Soo you have to have your nails done and wear make up to feel sexy? LOL. I hate having long nails. They irritate me. And when I wear make up I feel like my skin isn't breathing. My bf loves that I am naturally pretty and don't need to make myself fake.
  5. Kassiopeia

    Can a shy person become a good nurse?

    I am a bit shy too but what I found helps is to tell yourself "get over it. Everyone makes mistakes. Just do it" - if you're talking about procedures, etc. If we're talking about people, just keep thinking that they don't know you so whatever they may think of you does not matter.
  6. Kassiopeia

    how do YOU take notes?

    When the prof does not provide us with her powerpoints, I read the book ahead of time and take notes, then take notes in class on everything she says. After class on the same day I combine my notes with professor's notes and somehow it ends up working really well. lol.
  7. Kassiopeia

    What's your plan B "if" you don't make it into Nursing school ?

    Plan B is to get an ER tech job and try again year after that. If still no then go for a Master's in the Bio defense/infectious diseases industry :/
  8. Kassiopeia

    So how is everyone doing in A&P 1 this Semester?

    Way too easy for now. I was the only person in lab to get 100% on lab exam. Lecture exam I is on Tuesday and I am worried because it seems way too easy. It's like I am missing something lol :/
  9. Kassiopeia

    Marymount Accelerated BSN - Spring 2010

    Hi guys! Can anyone tell me if you had any clinical/healthcare experience before applying? I don't have any but will start getting some EMT experience in ambulance hopefully starting November or December, but I am still worried ;(. I'm applying for Fall 2011 I have a B.S. in Biology with 3.5 GPA / more like 3.7 the last two years
  10. Kassiopeia

    Hesi-A2 A&P :(

    Yes I am required to take A&P portion and I can only take the test once
  11. Kassiopeia

    Microbiology problem, 3 credit course OK!?

    My school has 3cr Microbio class and a separate 1cr Microbio lab, so I took them both. It's probably the same in your case.
  12. Kassiopeia

    Hesi-A2 A&P :(

    I know that this test has been discussed many times but I haven't found anything on my specific question. I have a degree in Bio but unfortunately never took A&P I during my education. Anyway, my degree means I know a lot about different areas of the body that are studied in A&P but of course not everything... not even close. Right now I am taking A&P 1 and I need to take HESI-A2 sometime in November. From reading other threads on this topic it looks like the official HESI study guide I got doesn't help at all on A&P. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some short review-type books that will help me with A&P on this test? I can't exactly study the whole textbook in 2.5 months :/ Also I heard the verbal section is bad. Is that true? If so, what's the best book/web site that will allow me to study vocabs?
  13. Kassiopeia

    how to split taking pre-reqs

    In my school they said you have to finish in the spring before you start in the fall. They said they have to see most pre-req grades so I think just 3 classes will not harm my chances, will it? I mean if I get all As this semester there is no way I can flunk (ie get a C) in any of my other classes in the spring. I am doing accelerated program and have B.S. in Bio so I hope seeing a schedule full of science classes and most As and few Bs for my degree will show the admissions that I am a great candidate. I took micro with my bio degree, so yep don't need to worry about that.
  14. Kassiopeia

    how to split taking pre-reqs

    Will it work against me if I take my 6 prerequisites for nursing program as 3 this fall and 3 next spring if the deadline for application is Jan 15? The program says they have to be completed by the end of spring semester and that if you're taking classes in the spring, give us your schedule. The problem is that they will not see spring grades until May. Now I am taking A&P I, Statistics, Developmental Psych. In the spring I want to take A&P II, Ethics, Nutrition
  15. Kassiopeia

    4.0 in pre reqs difficulty

    They key is to study every day, especially for A&P. It does not have to be hours and hours. Just a quick overview of material everyday will keep it fresh until exams and also will make it stick into your long term memory.