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I know that this test has been discussed many times but I haven't found anything on my specific question.

I have a degree in Bio but unfortunately never took A&P I during my education. Anyway, my degree means I know a lot about different areas of the body that are studied in A&P but of course not everything... not even close. Right now I am taking A&P 1 and I need to take HESI-A2 sometime in November. From reading other threads on this topic it looks like the official HESI study guide I got doesn't help at all on A&P. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some short review-type books that will help me with A&P on this test? I can't exactly study the whole textbook in 2.5 months :/

Also I heard the verbal section is bad. Is that true? If so, what's the best book/web site that will allow me to study vocabs?

Are you required to take the anatomy section of the HESI A2? If you don't know for sure, you should check with the colleges you plan on applying to. The community colleges here, in phoenix, az, only require the math and english portions.

Get the Cliff Notes A & P book. It brought my A & P score up from a 76 on the first try to an 88 on the second, only two weeks away. I did already take A & P I and II already but I am terrible in math and science so it was sorta like I never even took it. The problem is, there are only about 35 questions on the test so you have to know your stuff. Review planes, path of blood through the heart, bones, and brain. There is more on the test but that will get you started.

Yes I am required to take A&P portion and I can only take the test once :(

Help with A&P in HESI

Help with A&P on HESI:)

Help with A&P on HESI:)

I need help to study for the HESKI exam

so you still havent taken it??

The vocab is easy, but then again if you are generally bad with vocab then idk it may be hard for you. the evolve book that is reccomended does help for the vocabulary section of the test, but does squat for the AP section, doesnt go into detail or even give a decent general overview. however, i took my hesi test AFTER i finished with AP1&2 and studied the body systems and refreshed concepts associated with those systems. again, this was a REFReSHER for the exam, not me just looking at this for the first time, like you will. doing this, i got a 92% on my first try. btw, i used my anatomy book, no other outside resouce.

so, i reccomend overviewing body systems and some details concering each system. However, if you CAN afford to wait till you finish both AP sectionS, you should.

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