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I am finally a new graduate nurse on a medical floor!!

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    Why pediatric nursing?

    I am still a nursing student, but I have known that I want to be a pediatric nurse since I was 13. I was born deaf and with a bilateral cleft palate. I have had an incredible amount of surgeries done (about 40) and I am only 21. Walking through the halls of the pediatric unit after every surgery, I have seen some of the worst things imaginable, but remembering back on those moments, I am glad that I have had that experience. I can empathize with the kids that I would work with, and I believe that I can really give them a voice since I know what they are going through. I have fought hard to get to where I am, and I want to give that hope back to the kids. I hope to someday travel and speak out to help educate nurses,other health professionals, students, and other young kids on how to deal with birth defects and other diseases. :redbeathe

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