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I am finally a new graduate nurse on a medical floor!!

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  1. You know you are a Nursing student when...

    When you study for 2 weeks straight for a test .. hoping to make at least a 78 ..
  2. Countdown to Pinning

    14 months!! but it will be here before i know it (=
  3. Should I tell nursing school I have a hearing loss?

    Hi! Congrats on getting into nursing school! I think that you should let your instructors know about your hearing loss, they can be very helpful if they knew about it. I am in my second semester of an ADN program and I am considered legally deaf. I h...
  4. How does it feel to fail a nursing course?

    It feels so disappointing!! I failed my first semester of nursing school (Fall '09) by just 0.1 points! I was sooo mad, but i decided to just plow on through and apply the next year. I got in this fall and I am doing so much better this time around. ...
  5. CNA's that need to do their JOB!!

    ****UPDATE*** So an update on the aide that never does her job. She is under investigation for patient neglect .. after what took forever and one nurse to report her!! I guess the facility is finally cracking down on things. But i wouldn't know .. i...
  6. CNA's that need to do their JOB!!

    The aide got in trouble cause the nurse saw that she was helping pass trays on that hall, so the nurse assumed that she set up that patient to eat like that. What happened was that the aide say the patient, went to get the CNA to clean her up (so ...
  7. CNA's that need to do their JOB!!

    Just a vent... Well where I work at we have a couple CNAs who are ALWAYS late, disappear for 2-4 hours, never answer their call bells, never pass out trays, and always disappear when they say they would help another aide, but never do. I just do not ...
  8. Hi! So i am in my second week of nursing school and I am having some trouble with the online review questions for the mynursingkit. Anyone in NC using the new nursing "concept" books and having trouble with the online portion? The review questions ar...
  9. Why pediatric nursing?

    I am still a nursing student, but I have known that I want to be a pediatric nurse since I was 13. I was born deaf and with a bilateral cleft palate. I have had an incredible amount of surgeries done (about 40) and I am only 21. Walking through the h...