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  1. Kstew27

    You know you are a Nursing student when...

    When you study for 2 weeks straight for a test .. hoping to make at least a 78 ..
  2. Kstew27

    Countdown to Pinning

    14 months!! but it will be here before i know it (=
  3. Kstew27

    Should I tell nursing school I have a hearing loss?

    Hi! Congrats on getting into nursing school! I think that you should let your instructors know about your hearing loss, they can be very helpful if they knew about it. I am in my second semester of an ADN program and I am considered legally deaf. I have no hearing in my left ear and about 30% hearing in my right. I have always been deaf due to being born with a bilateral cleft palate. I started wearing hearing aids when I was 14, but before then I had to rely on reading lips and working on my own in school. The great thing was that I always made A's in school and the teachers were always helpful. If people knew about your hearing loss, they would be more understanding. Oh, a great stethoscope would be one that you can turn on and adjust the volume - mine amplifies sounds about 50x and works great. I hope this helps, and never give up on your dreams or be afraid that people are gonna kick you out of something because of a disability! Good luck!:redpinkhe
  4. Kstew27

    How does it feel to fail a nursing course?

    It feels so disappointing!! I failed my first semester of nursing school (Fall '09) by just 0.1 points! I was sooo mad, but i decided to just plow on through and apply the next year. I got in this fall and I am doing so much better this time around. I am 22 also and it feels like I have been working towards my RN forever but I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (May 2012!) and that I just have to take it one semester at a time. Just know that if you don't make it through the first time that life goes on and you have to try again! Hope all goes well for you and keep your head up!
  5. Kstew27

    CNA's that need to do their JOB!!

    ****UPDATE*** So an update on the aide that never does her job. She is under investigation for patient neglect .. after what took forever and one nurse to report her!! I guess the facility is finally cracking down on things. But i wouldn't know .. i have left them and have been hired at another facility (= i guess things have a way of working themselves out!
  6. Kstew27

    CNA's that need to do their JOB!!

    The aide got in trouble cause the nurse saw that she was helping pass trays on that hall, so the nurse assumed that she set up that patient to eat like that. What happened was that the aide say the patient, went to get the CNA to clean her up (so she can pass the rest of the trays), but the CNA didnt clean her and left her like that.
  7. Kstew27

    CNA's that need to do their JOB!!

    Just a vent... Well where I work at we have a couple CNAs who are ALWAYS late, disappear for 2-4 hours, never answer their call bells, never pass out trays, and always disappear when they say they would help another aide, but never do. I just do not get why they never get written up, disciplined, or ANYTHING!! it is like they can do no wrong and the CNAs who work their butt off get in trouble for the others actions. I just wish that the administration would stop letting this go on, get off their tushes and do something about it!! I mean what happened to the DON's and the administration that kept their employees in line and actually listened when the others tell you what is happening when they aren't there? Just like this past week, one CNA in particular that no one gets along with actually yelled and cussed out a LPN, and they do nothing about it. I think that is plain disrespectful! And tonight, the SAME aide left all of her people (that are supposed to be out of bed for dinner) in the beds, and she never changed them at all during her shift. One of the patients is a feeder and needs to be monitored during dinner, well she also likes to "dig" if she has no pants on, was left in bed and when the trays were being passed, the aide set up the tray and let this patient fend for herself, and the patient had sh*t all over her hands!! I mean who does that?? AND another aide got in trouble from the nurse because of the other aide not doing her job!! So i was wondering if this happens in your facility?
  8. Hi! So i am in my second week of nursing school and I am having some trouble with the online review questions for the mynursingkit. Anyone in NC using the new nursing "concept" books and having trouble with the online portion? The review questions are nowhere in the books and I am seriously about to go crazy from dealing with these questions. Any advice on how to deal with those questions?
  9. Kstew27

    new to allnurses - my introduction!!

    oh trust me, I tried everything to repeal that decision!! but they basically told me to suck it up and try again ..
  10. Kstew27

    Why pediatric nursing?

    I am still a nursing student, but I have known that I want to be a pediatric nurse since I was 13. I was born deaf and with a bilateral cleft palate. I have had an incredible amount of surgeries done (about 40) and I am only 21. Walking through the halls of the pediatric unit after every surgery, I have seen some of the worst things imaginable, but remembering back on those moments, I am glad that I have had that experience. I can empathize with the kids that I would work with, and I believe that I can really give them a voice since I know what they are going through. I have fought hard to get to where I am, and I want to give that hope back to the kids. I hope to someday travel and speak out to help educate nurses,other health professionals, students, and other young kids on how to deal with birth defects and other diseases. :redbeathe
  11. Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and to say that I absolutely love this site. I have been following the threads for months and I decided to join in on the fun! I am a CNA working at a nursing home while finishing up some summer classes. I love my job, but hate where I work! I am trying to find a job at a hospital so I can get some different experience. Lets see .. I was in the ADN program at a community college in north carolina last fall (09), but was dropped the first semester because my grade was .2 off and they basically screwed me over!! (77.8 and needed a 78) but that is all in the past and I have moved on. I am trying to decide if i want to go for the LPN program or try the RN program again. I have heard great things about the LPN program at my school and I know from firsthand experience that the RN program sucks .. but I guess I need to decide soon! OK, now that the rant is out of the way:) I can tell you more about me! I am 21 years old, and I live with my boyfriend in our first house we bought last year (: I love spending time with my dogs, friends and family. Whenever I am not at work or school I try to find time for everyone, but it is hard! I am looking forward to finishing up nursing school (whichever path I choose) and beginning a new chapter in my life. I look forward to reading and posting on allnurses.com!