CNA's that need to do their JOB!!

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Just a vent...:mad:

Well where I work at we have a couple CNAs who are ALWAYS late, disappear for 2-4 hours, never answer their call bells, never pass out trays, and always disappear when they say they would help another aide, but never do. I just do not get why they never get written up, disciplined, or ANYTHING!! :confused: it is like they can do no wrong and the CNAs who work their butt off get in trouble for the others actions. I just wish that the administration would stop letting this go on, get off their tushes and do something about it!!

I mean what happened to the DON's and the administration that kept their employees in line and actually listened when the others tell you what is happening when they aren't there? Just like this past week, one CNA in particular that no one gets along with actually yelled and cussed out a LPN, and they do nothing about it. I think that is plain disrespectful! And tonight, the SAME aide left all of her people (that are supposed to be out of bed for dinner) in the beds, and she never changed them at all during her shift. One of the patients is a feeder and needs to be monitored during dinner, well she also likes to "dig" if she has no pants on, was left in bed and when the trays were being passed, the aide set up the tray and let this patient fend for herself, and the patient had sh*t all over her hands!!:eek: I mean who does that?? AND another aide got in trouble from the nurse because of the other aide not doing her job!!

So i was wondering if this happens in your facility?

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well sweetie, i can tell u that it happens in my facility!! we have a couple HORRIBLE aides... one time i was assigned to check the hopper room -- make sure there is nothing in there that needs to be removed, all bins are covered, etc. well there is one aide that NEVER does her job and likes to deny it when confronted. well i checked the hopper room after a particularly horrible shift and see that there are THREE DIRTY PADS that hadnt been sprayed out in there!!! and i know the other aides i was working with that night never do that sort of thing!! and i asked who did it and every single person said "it wasnt me" and i just knew who it was...another thing is, at dinner time, she will pick out a feeder tray and stay in there "feeding" (watching their tv) until all other feeders have been fed and all trays have been picked up!! oh and i have personally seen her do this one--- if she has to change a bed bound patients pad, she man handles them, rolling them very forcefully from one side to the other and doesnt even wipe the urine off their bottoms!!!! i was like.. YOU HAVE BEEN HERE FOR LIKE 10 YEARS AND UR DOING THIS??? HOW WERE U NOT FIRED?? it is absolutely crazy...i think they like her because she works whenever asked...but that doesnt mean she actually does her job!!!

anyways, sorry about the rant..just wanted u to know that i completely understand where ur coming from

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Wow. I can't say that happens at my job. We do have a couple CNAs that are lazy and pretend not to be (the same people always end up with a sob story on why they *intended* to do something, but something came up uggh!). And those that don't help others, but they do their own work. It's really irritating, but nothing like what you described.

Why exactly did the other aide get in trouble? When I worked that shift there were CNAs that did the bare minimum- wash the person up, throw a gown on and put them in bed. Then they wouldn't bother with them the rest of the night until right before 3rd came in and then they'd change them again so they wouldn't get reported. From a distance it looked like they were doing their jobs but they didn't turn, toilet, do mouth care, etc. Just the bare minimum of what they could get away with. But leaving someone in bed for dinner with poop on her hands isn't something anyone should be able to get away with.

Yes..This type of stuff happened at my facility.I reported things to the DON and magically I had a complaint filed agaisnt the next day and I was suspended and it was unfounded but I was fired.

The aide got in trouble cause the nurse saw that she was helping pass trays on that hall, so the nurse assumed that she set up that patient to eat like that. What happened was that the aide say the patient, went to get the CNA to clean her up (so she can pass the rest of the trays), but the CNA didnt clean her and left her like that.


So an update on the aide that never does her job. She is under investigation for patient neglect .. after what took forever and one nurse to report her!!

I guess the facility is finally cracking down on things. But i wouldn't know .. i have left them and have been hired at another facility (= i guess things have a way of working themselves out!

I'm glad to hear the aide is getting investigated !!!:yeah: people like that should not work in a facility! ..:uhoh3:

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I think there are definitely bad CNA's everywhere. At the LTC place I work I know we have a few, but if I ever saw a CNA treat a patient like that, they would not be working there anymore. We have CNA's that sit at the end of the hall or in patient rooms while their call lights are going to overtime, and I can't tell you how irritating that is. You're here to do your job, not talk on the phone and watch TV. I understand where you're coming from and I always want to help the patients that are being neglected and usually do, but if you get into the habit of that, the CNA's that are neglecting will expect you to do it all the time. Hope everything works out for you!

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