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Anyone in NC use the mynursingkit?

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Hi! So i am in my second week of nursing school and I am having some trouble with the online review questions for the mynursingkit. Anyone in NC using the new nursing "concept" books and having trouble with the online portion? The review questions are nowhere in the books and I am seriously about to go crazy from dealing with these questions. Any advice on how to deal with those questions?

I'll be interested to see what others have to say about this. I'm in the same situation and not finding mynursingkit very helpful. I did ask the instructor and she said there are no answers to the review. Its just something for you to think about and look through the chapter to see how you would answer those questions.

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Are you a first-year ADN student at COA? I think you're in my class. :) I've tried using mynursingkit for the readings these past two weeks and found it basically useless. I'll probably try it a few more times, but I'm about ready to just ignore it. Also, I haven't even been able to get on softwarefornurses.com! I've tried a bunch of times, and every time, their website has been down!

YES! I am in the COA class. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with mynursingkit problems! I thought it was me! ;-) I haven't had problems with softwarefornurses. It works for me, however it is WAY over my knowledge level. It's a lot of fun to try to figure out the best action for your patient. I'm getting high 50's for grades, so I'm glad we can practice as much as we want!! :-)

queenjulie specializes in Step-down, cardiac.

Does Kaahele mean you're from Hawaii? We just moved here last year from Pearl City--my husband was stationed at Pearl Harbor. I'm Julie--I usually sit a few rows back from the front on the left side of the center section of class. :) I'll have to try to get on softwarefornurses again tonight; maybe it'll work now.

YES!!! We were in HI 6 years at Kunia. Lived at the Naval Base in Wahiawa. We must have been there the same time!!!!! Now my husband is stationed at Northwest in Chesapeake. See you in class! Can't wait to talk about HI and nursing!! :-)

queenjulie specializes in Step-down, cardiac.

Is Northwest the base right off Ballahack Rd.? My husband is *dying* to get a job there! He applied for a security job a couple of weeks ago but hasn't heard anything yet. He works for the state government right now, and it's a really crappy job that involves low pay and being gone about 50% of the time. When he is home, he gets home so late that our kids often go five or six days without seeing him, because they're in bed before he gets back. I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Now my husband is stationed at Northwest in Chesapeake.

those persons teaching your courses that are usingmynursingkit obviously do not care about the quality of their teaching. atleast, if the mynursingkit used at your university is the same quality as thatused at the university i am attending. my experience with mynursingkit is thatit contained many errors. this distracted from the learning process. you wouldthink a nursing program would properly evaluate a product before using it - andrequiring student to purchase it. it is particularly odd when those teaching thecourses promote themselves as being "critical thinkers."


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