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  1. heavenlynnc

    Assessment Practice

    I found some advice on here my first semester and I used it. Our instructors gave us like a complete head to toe check off so you do not forget any areas. It did not list abnormals or any thing but I took this list and shrunk it down and taped it to my clipboard. I found this tip on here a long time ago! I also have used this method for things such as the different needle gauges and lengths and what areas they are used in. This way I have a "cheat sheet" I can always take to clinicals. Also, at the facility I currently do clinical in they do not use computer charting so we all got blank copies of their flow sheets which have their own version of a head to toe and we can take these copies into the room while doing the assessments. This helps me with my documentation because I know more of what the facility expects. Our nursing program did not focus on abnormals the first semester, we were just basically learning the process. This semester we have gotten into the abnormals. But if you look onine you can find all sorts of free resources for head to toes! Good luck and don't worry you will be fine!
  2. heavenlynnc

    Catheter Advice!!!

    Thanks Femme...sounds like a good tip!
  3. heavenlynnc

    Catheter Advice!!!

    I gotta get checked off on this in lab next week and one of our clinical instructors also mentioned the "wink." She said she has never seen it but I was curious as to whether or not it was true, guess it depends on the pt?!
  4. heavenlynnc

    For Fun - Things You Want to Buy Once You're a Nurse

    A little house or a doublewide, maybe a piece of land, and my daughter a horse...I was always promised one and my mama could never afford one and I AM going to get my daughter one! I just want me and my kids to live comfortably without having to worry how we are going to survive from week to week...I also want a fairly new vehicle, most like a Honda Accord or Civic.
  5. heavenlynnc

    Anyone in NC use the mynursingkit?

    We are using them but I have not used them very much yet.