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  1. I would recommend to start the registration process right away. I send my application in September 2009 and I am still not registered. My experience is that it takes CRNBC a long time to assess your education and it is likely that you'll have to go through SEC assessment. My transcripts got lost somewhere, for example, that meant a long delay in my registration process. Don't forget about the time you will need to prepare either for assessment or for the CRNE. I was one of a few lucky IENs, with only one Professional Studies Course to take. Out of 25, 22 had to take more than two and fulfil an individual number of clinical hours prior Provisional Registration and eligibility to write the CRNE. In what area do you work as a nurse? Do you have a Bachelor or a diploma? Mona77
  2. Hi, you are not alone, I am a german nurse, within the registration process with CRNBC. In April we, my husband and I, start our Journey to Canada. At the moment we have a lot of work with selling our furniture, packing, gathering documents, and all the paperwork that has to be done prior our departure from Germany. So, welcome in this forum, feel free to ask all your questions. Best wishes!
  3. Hi, contact the appropriate regional board, they will explain what documents are needed to assess your nursing education. If you are moving to Munich: http://www.regierung.oberbayern.bayern.de/aufgaben/umwelt/humanmedizin/ausbildung/ I am currently working in Germany, but will leave Germany for Yukon. If you have questions considering working conditions, feel free to contact me.
  4. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    Hi Stelz, that's not correct. Only with Provisional Registration you are allowed to work supervised in the Province you have applied to. I have my Mastery in Psychomotor Skills and now I will receive the application for Provisional Registration. Quote from my assessment letter: You must provide CRNBC with a reference from a Canadian employer for whom you have worked under provisional registration for 250 hours. You may work on this requirement before and/or after you write the CRNE.
  5. Mona77

    sec assessment result

    Why don't you contact Kwantlen? I am sure they can best explain which course to take. Program Assistant is ********, you'll find her e-mail in the IEN Professional Studies section. Be aware that Medical/Surgical Review is an online course, it doesn't include clinicals, so maybe you will be supposed to complete the Consolidated Clinical Course. Mona77
  6. Mona77

    application for assessment (IEN), carna

    I don't really understand your problem, because the instructions are clear. Oct 1, 2010 - Sept 30, 2011 indicates a complete practice year, your job is to fill in the nursing jurisdiction name you have been licensed with and provide the hours worked within that period. Count the hours you have worked. The same for the periods 2009/2010, 2008/2009 always starting with the most currrent working period. This section has to be filled in by yourself. Page 17: if you have a registration number in the country you are currently registered as a nurse than you have to fill in outlining the exact initial registration date! I know that not all countries use registration numbers, so if it is not applicable, don't leave it blank - write 'N/A'. Hope that helps.
  7. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    Hope that my first spring in the Yukon will be mild, so I can get accustomed to the rough weather conditions. But this years winter was really arctic in Germany, we had several nights below -25 °C and we survived (in front of our stove). It is one of the coldest winters since 1900.
  8. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    Short update. In a month I will take Psychomotor Skill Review at Kwantlen. On January 3rd, my husband received a job offer, so the immigration issue is no problem anymore. First I had the impression that it takes so much time to complete application process, now I just don't know where to take all the time we will need prior our leave. On May 1st, we will be in Whitehorse, Yukon!!! Hope I won't freeze in the winter up north! So I will finish my registration process from Canada!
  9. Mona77

    Like to apply in Germany can anyone help?

    As you are not an EU citizen it will be almost impossible for you to work as a nurse in Germany. Working visa application and nursing registration are two seperate processes. Visit the Manila German Embassy website for specific information. To become registered also will depend on the region you want to live, all 16 federal states have their own regional board. Online applications are not available in Germany for nurse registration. You must show proof of language proficiency with your application, that means you should take courses in German before applying for registration, otherwise your application won't be processed. In May a new law will be introduced that facilitates recruitment of Eastern European nurses. The recruitment agencies are prepared to flood the German job market, so employers are unlikely to sponsor a Philippine nurse, when they can employ European nurses without the need to obtain a working visa. Please consider this.
  10. Mona77

    I need your opinion on my dilemma..CA or NZ?

    You have many possibilities, but if I were you I would decide what my heart wants, even if it would be a more complicated process or lasting longer to get PR etc. Where do you, deep inside yourself, think you'll feel home, satisfied, happy to be? Choose that country! If you are family bound, why not considering Australia? A door will always open, if you believe in your dreams. Have you already been in Australia, NZ or Canada? My place will be Canada, but I prefer a colder climate, lots of snow and rural communities - first I thought it will be either BC or Yukon, now it seems to be the Yukon, as my hubby received a job offer in Whitehorse - like mentioned before, a door opened. Wish you all the best I am sure you'll find the appopriate route to make your dream come true.
  11. Mona77

    Any information is helpful!

    Hi, I am a nurse currently working in Germany, going through application process for BC, Canada! Only you can decide if nursing is your passion and the occupation you can imagine to work in for the next 20, 30 years or more. If you are not sure about your language skills, why not do Toefl or Ielts? They will assess your English skills. And when seriously considering an American licensure, you will be expected to provide proof of your English skills as well. Do you started nursing education in Germany after completing Realschule or after Abitur? The main problem I see is in your nursing education, because you were trained mainly in Pediatrics - Germany is one of the few countries offering a generel education as well as a specialized - think of Care of the Elderly and as mentioned Pediatrics. Most likely you will not have enough hours theoretically and practically in other parts of nursing. But as mentioned before, only a check on your transcripts can provide the desired answers. First be sure which way to go on on your career path! Mona77
  12. Mona77

    *Easy* things I just hate doing

    1. Isolations 2. Checking refridgerator's temperature daily 3. Daily desinfection of all working surfaces 4. Validation during night shift, tried to convince a patient with dementia that there is no cactus in her colon....
  13. Mona77

    what do u say to pts when they ask where u live?

    Where do you live? At home! And where is your home? Cloud 7! I am saying this with a charming smile and the patient don't ask me more details.
  14. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    The self-assessment form is a very important part of the assessment in BC. I have saved the PDF file, but as far as I know I am not allowed to send up that file. If you want to prepare for the self-assessment form, go through BC's Professional Standards, Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics. A question may be: How would you show accountability in your nursing practice? Hope that helps. Mona77
  15. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    Sara, you can't download that form from the internet - it is not available at the Kwantlen website. I would recommend to contact IENBC via e-mail and explain to them that the self-assessment form wasn't attached. Ask IENBC to send this form as soon as possible, because of holidays. Send your e-mail to ienbc@kwantlen.ca Good luck!