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  1. Mona77

    BC Nurses: please fill out BCNU survey!

    I will definitely take part in that survey. And it is not about working 37.5 h, but unreflected rotations esp. when working 12 h shifts with included on calls. They talk about safe staffing and creating new RN positions, for rural hospitals like ours with not enough Casual positions this is a setback into unsafe staffing.
  2. Mona77

    Job offer

    Hi iheartcanucks2012, I chose the relief full time position and the position was terminated to the return of the incumbent - but in my case the incumbent was on maternity leave moving down South to Vancouver (I am in the Northwest of BC). But even before she resigned another 2 permanent positions opened, so after 3 months I was successful in applying for a permanent full time position. It worked out for me - wish you the best! Mona77
  3. Hi, I had a slightly different experience, I am not in Ontario but an IEN in BC, and at the very beginning I feared applying for positions due to the not really encouraging posts about the job situation in BC. After applying online for job postings in all BC regions, waiting patiently for 4-6 weeks, I had 5 phone interviews in one week (January/12) and received job offers for all postings (all full time job offers, 3 permanent, 2 relief). I decided to take the rural nursing advantage and I am not regretting it; in my community we have a high percentage of First Nation population and I think I am coping well but of course it is challenging - on the other hand when you are a professional IEN there is no reason not to be considered for a rural or remote RN position as nursing will always imply continuous learning as well as adjustment to new working environments. My personal opinion is that beeing considered for a job will always depend on your previous experience and the way you advertise or present yourself. I completely agree that a new grad IEN has minimal chances for emloyment at present. Mona77
  4. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    The self-assessment form is a very important part of the assessment in BC. I have saved the PDF file, but as far as I know I am not allowed to send up that file. If you want to prepare for the self-assessment form, go through BC's Professional Standards, Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics. A question may be: How would you show accountability in your nursing practice? Hope that helps. Mona77
  5. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    Sara, you can't download that form from the internet - it is not available at the Kwantlen website. I would recommend to contact IENBC via e-mail and explain to them that the self-assessment form wasn't attached. Ask IENBC to send this form as soon as possible, because of holidays. Send your e-mail to ienbc@kwantlen.ca Good luck!
  6. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    Sara, normally with scheduling your sec assessment you are sent a confirmation via e-mail - to this e-mail the self assessment form is attached as well as the prep package (the same you can find at Mount Royal College website)if assessment is done in BC or Alberta. The self assessment has to be filled in at home, prior your assessment. Then you have to hand it out at the assessment center at your first day of assessment. If in BC you are given a sheet of paper for your own notes, during OSCE, because afterwards you have to chose one nursing intervention to document on. You will have to answer questions, short answer and multiple choice, on the computer. Clinical Judgement questions are short scenarios that you have to answer promptly - without making notes. For physical assessment and health history you are allowed to take notes. But though you are scheduled the 13+14th January you should have all this information already, because it is explained in detail in your confirmation letter. This is taken from my information letter: "Attached please find a self-assessment form which is a very important part of the assessment process. The form must be printed out, completed by yourself and returned to me on the 1st day of your assessment. Please note that the IEN Service may use anti-plagiarism software to authenticate the self-assessment. For your convenience and benefit I have attached the Assessment Guide that has been compiled by Mount Royal University of Alberta. It is strongly suggested that you work through the guide to give you an understanding of the SEC Assessment Process. Additionally, it would be beneficial for you to review nursing psychomotor skills and administration of medications in the Canadian context." Best wishes.
  7. The only thing I remember about Florence is that she was "the lady with lamp" during the Krim War, changing nursing professionalism. Before my final exams I was able to explain a lot of nursing theories, but now when practising nursing I try to work with compassion - this leads automatically to evidence-based nursing and lifelong learning. During my nursing education we had to state a reason why we are caring a particular way, that's probably why I catch myself reasoning with Orem and Peplau. Orem is omnipresent in Germany, don't ask me why...
  8. Mona77

    How to deal with Negative Nancys?!

    I have met those nurses as well in our hospital, sometimes I am getting the impression their number is increasing. Nevertheless keep your attitude not to become like them, you will be facing good an bad days, but try to value the good days, try to learn from your faults and take the patient stories of fast recovery, the thank you´s and the great conversations with you home and gain strength from your experiences. That's what I do and it helps me to go to work with a smile, and if a "I hate my job" nurse comes along I smile at her/him too and wish a wonderful working day. Our patients are our working guarantee. Let's treat them like we would wish to be treated and I wouldn't want to be surrounded by nasty, job-hating nurses without the slightest love to their jobs. Keep thinking positive, I am sure you make it.
  9. Mona77

    monitoring cardiac telemetry in your ED

    We do the same with one difference we always write a second EKG after approximately six hours and whenever patient experiences changes in his/her condition even if no changes are visible at the monitor.
  10. Mona77

    urgh! so irritating!!!

    I had more time helping people as a high school student working voluntarily in a nursing home. Now I am a nurse, hoping to have the heart at the right place, but earning money providing professional care. But if I worked only for money I would have never chosen Nursing!
  11. I felt like real nurse the day I was able to handle 8 emergencies during an 7.25 hour shift without upcoming panic when hearing the approaching paramedics, without omnipresent fear to make a critical mistake. Then it was the first time I was thrilled and excited about my next critical patient, eager to do my best for the patients best outcome - but it took me a while... Had some sleepless nights during that time.
  12. Mona77

    Nursing in the next 10 years

    Want to tell another story, during the last decade 20% of German nursing schools were closed, due to an oversupply and increased costs, DRGs, less governmental funding, lobbying physicians. More than 50 000 nursing jobs were cut down. Now we can't find competent and skilled nurses to fill in acute care jobs - we have 3 job postings open since 10/2009! On a med/surg. floor the patient/nurse ratio is 15:1, sometimes 20:1 (morning shift) and we don't have Techs, CNAs or LPNs. We have only nursing students and service aides working 4 hours a day. Due to that working conditions many nurses now work in Austria and Switzerland or somewhere else or switched to a BSN program to become a nurse educator or to climb up to a management position. Therefore many hospitals and nursing homes try to recruit nurses from Eastern European countries - so how will the future be like? In ten years maybe 30 - 40% of the workforce will be imported from different countries - which doesn't really matter main point - they work, hope they will be able to speak German properly! About 20% will retire during the next decade - and in Germany they will retire due to our social insurances including a pension plan. Don't forget about the ading population. So we will be facing a great nursing shortage in Germany, since the skilled and experienced nurses will continue to leave Germany and everyone knows that, but the only governmental point of interest is to cut the exploding cost of our health care system by boosting premiums (every german citizen and resident has a right to receive medical care if he is insured or not and even if not insured high quality care is demanded) but without the courage to stop Pharmas expanding gains (Meds in Germany cost twice the amount than in Northern America). The next decade will be very interesting, we recently had a change of paradigm - leading to a reformation of the nursing education - more scientific approach, more professionalism - so that we can compete internationally, having now trouble to implement knowledge and skills into the hospital setting due to understaffing - maybe in some years care will be provided like in Turkey - where patients are bathed, turned and transfered by relatives, meals are prepared at home and brought to the hospital.......
  13. Mona77

    How to become RN in British Columbia?

    As long as you have a job in the Philippines, stay where you are, apply for RN registration and wait for your assessment! If you are able to find an employer will depend on your work expierience and your nursing speciality. It won't be easy but if you are patient I am sure a door will open.
  14. Mona77

    Nurses with Psych/Mental Health Issues

    The student I wrote about was nearly 30 years old and was in therapy during her first year in nursing, unfortunately the therapy wasn't successful. She changed the therapist and career and is now working in a medical lab.
  15. Mona77

    Nurses with Psych/Mental Health Issues

    I have studied with a young women having a borderline personality disorder, partially autoaggressive, she had immense problems to cope with stressful, complicated patient-nurse relationships. She was reported to treat patients with disrespect and using violence during patient care. Within the first year she tried to play everybody off against everybody - this led to a tensed atmosphere in our class, culminating in a desaster during our communication workshop where all lies were disclosed. Afterwards she had to leave the class and quit nursing school because of beeing accused of battery and verbal abuse. Although she had sufficient cognitive abilities to successfully complete the nursing program, her personality disorder made it impossible for her. We care for vulnerable patients and we can't allow nurses to misuse their power. I am aware that not every mental disorder will peak in misconduct and of course I don't want to ruin someone's dreams to become a nurse but nurses with personality disorders should be supervised in an extended manner to enhence coping strategies and to guarantee safe and ethical patient care. Changes in behaviour and acting should then be reprted immediately to protect the patient and the nurse. The decision should be determined to the level the nurses' behaviour is affected by his/her disorder. But I think that each HR department should have "experts" to evaluate a persons suitability.
  16. Mona77

    SEC Assessment

    Hi Stelz, I will keep you updated! Will do my workshop from February 8th - 12th, and try to find a hospital nearby to volunteer for a day. I want to get an impression of working in a canadian hospital - I know that one day isn't much - but better than nothing! When will you sit your SEC assessment? Feel free to contact me via e-mail! Good luck!

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