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  1. Inpatient Child & Adolescent Psych Nurse

    Can anyone name some of the inpatient child & adolescent psychiatry units/hospitals in Canada that are good places to work at? Looking to possibly immigrate from the U.S. Thanks!
  2. Our Mental Health facility continues to accept patients that are non-weight bearing, requiring wheelchairs and assistance with transfers. Yet we DO NOT have any mechanical lifts available at our facility. I filed a complaint with our facility managem...
  3. Creative Weapons

    Holy ****!! MMC.RN.... you just hit on some amazing scenarios! Thank you so much for sharing. And I do appreciate your sense of humor lol! I had a similar scenario where a patient completely lodged an 8in. hairbrush up her hoo-haa while trying to ma...
  4. Standing up for your pt

    First: Don't worry about what your co-workers think about you or say about you. Chances are they don't know the full story behind your reasons and actions without having full information on the patient's history themselves! Was the pt. being admitt...
  5. Creative Weapons

    Wow! Thank you guys for your feedback! Keep it coming!
  6. Creative Weapons

    What are some everyday items/materials your patients have used to hurt themselves, other patients, or staff? I'm doing an in-service soon on the importance of patient and environmental safety checks in inpatient mental health facilities. I need your...
  7. Psychiatrist Overdosing Pts??

    One of our on-call psychiatrists was the one that pointed it out to me first and he/she also mentioned that our Medical Director already knows about it and "doesn't like it". But I honestly do not think that either of them have confronted the overdos...
  8. Need help with charting...

  9. Need help with charting...

  10. Psychiatrist Overdosing Pts??

    Help! I feel like our psychiatrist on our adult inpatient psychiatric and detox unit is being completely UNSAFE. I don't feel comfortable administering the crazy dosage amounts he orders for the pts and I'm not sure how to approach the situation eith...
  11. SOUTH to register as foreign RN

    I was living there for the past 3 months on vacation. I loved it!! Never experienced any crime. Also not saying that there is no crime...just saying that I stayed in areas with lower rates of crime and used common sense (and my superb psych nurse ski...
  12. I'm a U.S. citizen and a RN. I have an Associates Degree in Nursing (2yr program) and would like advice from any other American RNs on the registration process to work in South Africa. **However, advice from citizens of other countries will also be w...
  13. Drowning her baby in wine

    Hmmm... thanks for the advice elkpark. But sorry, I have a heart!
  14. North Carolina SANEs??

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone on here works as a SANE in North Carolina. I'm a psych RN and I am interested in obtaining a SANE certification. However, I do not know of any SANEs or SANE positions in NC. I would love to talk to one to get...
  15. Nurse managers...I need your advice please! Today I had my 2nd interview on the unit I precepted on in nursing school. I want to send some thank you letters to the staff that interviewed me (2 nurse managers, 1 RN, and 1 tech). They all know me on a ...