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    Morphine and comfort care.

    How long can they keep someone on morphine before they finally pass away? I have seen patients get it who die a day or two later. I was wondering if any patient ever takes more than a few days to die after they give them morphine and they fall asleep.
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    How much trouble am I in?

    I would have locked the meds. in the med cart and kept my med administration record book completely up to date right down to the last second as I was taught. I would have been mortified if I found out I had done this.
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    CMA playing "Nurse Manager?" CMA boundaries? NPD?

    If they're thinking about hiring someone, they might think it's useful to have them meet the scheduler since some employers have you in for a meeting and then schedule you immediately. If I was the one in the interview, I would ask them why there was a high turnover and what problems they dealt with to ensure that if they hire me, I could help them with a solution and not be part of the problem.
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    CMA playing "Nurse Manager?" CMA boundaries? NPD?

    I think too many posters are trying to make a decision for the OP and not giving her a chance to think for herself. I do think she should get to know the CMA and the others before deciding that this is the wrong job for her without ever giving it a chance. The CMA might have been given her responsibilities based on her ability to bond with her co-workers and to empathize with them and not based on her need or perceived right to power, control and authority. I don't think anyone should assume that she is unfairly controlling or disciplining nurses until there's evidence of this.
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    CMA playing "Nurse Manager?" CMA boundaries? NPD?

    I don't really agree with this personal attack since I have seen many CNAs and med techs abuse their power and control when they're not qualified to be the ones in control and the higher-ups look the other way at their abuse of their co-workers. I do think the O.P. should get to know the scheduler since it does NOT require a nursing degree to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. As you probably know, even a DoN can be guilty of abusing their power, in which case they're wise to delegate responsibilities to someone better able to communicate with the staff. The O.P. might find that the CMA is more understanding of her needs than a higher-up who sits in an office most of the day. It happens sometimes where the CNAs and med aides are easier to talk with than a head supervisor who might be quick to judge and evaluate the people who work under them.
  6. I have looked at a number of surgery center websites and some of them do not even display their credentials. Some others talk about getting Medicare certification but do not display this on their website. I was trying to find out if Medicare certification serves as a substitute for accreditation from AAAHC or Joint Commission accreditation and if this would be why a surgery center would talk only about Medicare certification and not about being accredited by AAAHC or any other entities. I also do not see why so many centers do not even display any credentials on their website and instead are full of propaganda. The propaganda can be insulting with no mention of accreditations.
  7. One time the charge nurse asked me to turn this patient who was comatose and could not close his eyes. He had no curtain and the sun was glaring in. I told her, "I did not turn him because the sun is in his eyes...." She agreed with me. Later on in another nursing home, I found a stroke patient who could not move and who was postitioned with the sun burning her eyes out. One charge nurse had already asked us not to leave her like this and no one could remember. Everyone who does patient care should try facing into the sun with your eyes shut when it's glaring in the window and see how many seconds you can stay there. This is memorable and instensely painful. The last time I found a patient stuck this way I wrote a note to the DoN and alerted everyone to it. I said I would call DHS if I found her this way again. From then on, they always turned her back to the sun. Even with the curtain shut, it still can hurt their eyes.
  8. Taping their eyes is not enough. Patients will probably not get pressure ulcers over the twenty or thirty minutes they're left until the sun is out of the window. To answer the question, I would not like my eyes taped shut. I'm glad the charge nurse I talked about understood my concern and that I was frantic when I saw the sun in my patient's eyes. Does facing the Sun with eyes closed still damage vision? - Quora
  9. I actually went back and re-read my original post trying to figure where I went wrong. This is not that the sun is in their eyes and I'm wondering what I should do. This is that I can't get across to the general public that leaving a helpless patient facing into the sun is patient abuse with no laws to protect them.
  10. It has happened to me now several times since I started this ancient thread that I ended up in a place with hot glaring sun that even when I shut my eyes and had sunglasses and it is intensely painful and I never forgot it. I will beg and plead with you one more time, do NOT leave your helpless patients (or animals) facing into the sun! This is a human rights abuse and not just patient abuse. In one house, I had a hostile belligerent comment that "she can just close her eyes" which is NOT a solution, as if I wanted to argue. In another, I was told firmly that "You can't bow to her every whim," and they demanded that I ignore my patients request to be kept out of the sun. Some posters here suggested that I move the bed across the room and made it look like I was an idiot. 1. The patient's room was packed full of furniture and I would be accused of "fooling around." 2. I would have to get my very stubborn and arrogant co-workers to agree to help move the furniture aside. 3. She really just needed to be moved to another room where the sun does not glare in. As for the first patient, (with no curtains) you first have to alert the staff not to leave them stuck in the sun before any other solution works as I can't stay there and watch them 24/7. Eye drops are not the answer. Taping their eyes shut is not the answer. Cups on their eyes are not a solution. Thanks anyway for these suggestions. The sun does not just burn their eyes out, it makes them sweaty. Try standing in front of a window with the sun glaring in and see how many seconds you can stand there. What really scares me on this thread is how many posters thought this is not patient abuse. It also scares me to think of the ones who might become indignant and might ignore my pleas. For the four patients I found like this there must be at least a thousand more of them still going through the same abuse which is actually torture and should never happen. Do you really think I can walk into every building across the globe to get through to people? How do I get people to see that this is torture? It is not enough that I have to "think for a minute!" This is about getting thousands of people to see the problem and do something about it.
  11. I just came across this article. "Is your cat making you crazy?" from the New York Post. I had never heard of anything like this before. http://nypost.com/2015/10/25/cats-may-be-behind-rise-of-schizophrenia-researchers As stated in this article, when people don't wash their hands and don't disinfect the surfaces in their homes they can get sick. In this case the idea that someone can "catch schizophrenia" can sound kind of silly. If this is true, it's important to get the facts out into the general public.
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    Got a nurse aide fired... did I do the right thing?

    Even on some jobs where you can get away with watching TV and sitting around, this will be full of interruptions from your patients and you better get used to it.
  13. In most cases when I've applied to a place, they either ignore my application or hire me right away. If I apply and don't hear from them, I might call them and say, "I want some feedback on my application." This opens up a learning opportunity in case there was anything wrong that I didn't know about. In my case, it has also prompted them to invite me in for the hiring process. If I'm not sure how they felt about me, I always trust my gut and don't contact them.
  14. Okay, I give up! It was years ago that I was told about sublingual epinephrine tablets for bee stings. I learned that they're part of any good first aide kit. As I browse the web, I notice an obsession with making patients carry an injectable dose of epinephrine instead of tablets. So what if some people do not know how to give a shot! So what if some are afraid of the needle! News about the EpiPen from Mylan and the inflated price is all over the web. How a senator’s daughter became CEO of the company at the center of the EpiPen controversy - The Washington Post I did some research on Google and read that sublingual tablets are just as good as the shots. All they would have to remember is to keep them under their tongue and yet this is not even being talked about. Instead, I see this constant obsession with giving shots. I keep asking people what would be wrong with tablets and get no real answer. I'm wondering how many companies must sell the sublingual tablets and also wonder if patients and their families would not save money this way. Can someone please explain this to me? Am I missing something?
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    What is wrong with sublingual epinephrine?

    Here is another thing. "Yes, Your Really Can Make Your Own EpiPen for $30" Yes, you really can make your own EpiPen for $3
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    What is wrong with sublingual epinephrine?

    Someone told me that Benadryl works if you don't have epinephrine. I do not know if this this information was valid or not.
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    Nurse opinions on "Birth Rape"

    What I've been told is that when patients are irrational, then they no longer fall into this category where they have a right to refuse. "You can't reason with someone who is irrational." A patient who is screaming, "No," when her midwife or doctor goes to cut an episiotomy might be thankful when she finds her frightening and exhasting labor is suddenly over with and she and the baby are safe. Of course there are grey areas even with irrational patients.
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    Nurse opinions on "Birth Rape"

    Technically, this sounds right. Just one problem though, when someone is in labor, they can be irrational and not know what they need. There are some mothers who if they had not had an episiotomy, would have ended up with a dead or severely compromised baby. A midwife or doctor saving the life of a baby and drastically cutting the mothers labor time might get screamed at by the laboring mother and thanked by her later.
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    I can't get "poop" taste out of my mouth?

    I always carried those big eucalyptus cough drops for situations like this. They have a really strong taste and smell that tends to over power what I don't like.
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    What % of women don't know basics of female anatomy?

    I would have thought she had some dementia, either/or, she was being sarcastic. I would not even dare to use names for body parts like the ones used above so you must have been working there a long time or be like very well to get away with it.
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    "Nurses Eating Their Young"

    I think the real myth is more that no one ever takes a good look at how they're contributing to their own problems. Some of these people really don't know why they're being humiliated and that's why it's so frustrating. Most of my R.N. teachers helped to empower me and also explained where I went wrong out on the floor in a private conference. If they had not told me what I was doing wrong, I would never know and no amount of introspection would have helped.
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    What do you do when Work calls on your day off?

    When work calls, I try to remember the times when I was stuck at work for 16 to 24 hours or more and sometimes missed what I had been looking forward to because someone canceled out. I also remember working a shift in place of someone who had to go to a wedding and who had gotten stuck at work. Had I ignored the phone, it might have meant that someone missed the wedding they were invited to or that an exhausted person had to work the shift. They really just need to hire as many per diem people as they can.
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    What is wrong with sublingual epinephrine?

    I knew someone would ask. Sublingual administration of epinephrine 40 mg from this tablet formulation resulted in EPPCs similar to those obtained after epinephrine 0.3 mg intramuscular injection in the thigh.” "CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS" For treatment of anaphylaxis in the community, self-injectable epinephrine is underused.” UNDER USED? REALLY? This novel, fast-disintegrating epinephrine tablet formulation for sublingual administration is a feasible alternative that warrants further development.” Here is the source. Sublingual epinephrine tablets versus intramuscular injection of epinephrine: dose equivalence for potential treatment of anaphylaxis. - PubMed - NCBI Sublingual epinephrine was available for first aide kits back in the 1970s but now they're acting like there is no such thing. I know that an EpiPen is expensive but is epinephrine expensive when not an injectable? Also, if an injection costs $600 this might automatically make it unavailable and therefore bring the need for a sublingual tablet. Want to Reduce the Price of EpiPens? Approve Some Competition! - Hit & Run : Reason.com Can you offer a source that says to only use the sublingual tablet if the injection is not available? Is there only one source or several?
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    Should I leave this racist town?

    I'm not sure that a year of this would enhance you in any way. If they're being hateful it might also mean they try to get you fired or they call the state on you with some nitpicking complaint so putting up with them for a year would be self-destructive.

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