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Urology, Liver Transplant, Tele
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roxhannah has 2 years experience and specializes in Urology, Liver Transplant, Tele.

Cincinnati girl now living and loving Nashville!

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  1. roxhannah

    Are O2 sats a vital sign?

    Can I ask a quick question of any inpatient nurses. Does your floor (I am mostly looking at med/surg and PCU/stepdown) consider O2 sats a vitals sign (completed on every patient with their HR and temp etc) or does it have to be ordered separately by ...
  2. roxhannah

    Question for Mayo Rochester Nurses

    Can I ask a quick question of any Mayo Rochester nurses. Does your floor consider O2 sats a vitals sign that is completed on every patient with the rest of their vital signs or does it have to be ordered separately by the physician that the o2 sats a...
  3. roxhannah

    Austin Peay FNP Program- Fall 2013

    They look over everything on the 1st of each month if I remember right. If you look online you should see an update any day now!
  4. roxhannah

    Transfering RN License to TN

    yeah I did - it just has a lot of info that is not clear- information about possibly needing more gen ed classes etc. I was just curious if anyone had done it that could help clarify
  5. roxhannah

    Transfering RN License to TN

    Has anyone transfered their liscense to TN? I have a job lined up and my current liscense is in Ohio. I am wondering how difficult this process is going to be. I want to start my job ASAP and am worried something will get held up at the board. Th...
  6. roxhannah

    Are nursing grads still having a hard time finding jobs?

    If you are wanting to get a degree in nursing I would go for it. Nurses are having a hard time getting jobs right out of school but they are still having more luck than most of my friends that got other degrees. I have friends that are engineers and ...
  7. roxhannah

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    :-( I am sorry. I am trying to figure out the validity of the pearson vue trick myself. I think it looks like it is pretty accurate but I am not positive. :-( Just keep your head up - if you did that many questions you were probably close to passing ...
  8. roxhannah

    So many people passing...post your best advice here!

    I did the virtual ATI and made a lot of "charts" for items I always forget. I would do charts on GI diseases and adrenal problems and would make them super colorful so that I could try to rememebr by colors etc. I also looked up a lot of the pneum...
  9. roxhannah


    I just took the NCLEX today and it shut off at 75. I tried the pearson vue trick and it didn't let me pay so fingers crossed! I used the ATI virtual education and it was really helpful for studying but the NCLEX was horrible! I was not comfortable wi...
  10. roxhannah

    ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor

    I got a 74 on the ATI predictor which they said gave me a 94% chance of passing and I passes the NCLEX the 1st time with 75 questions. I did the online virtual education classes from ATI as well thru our school and that really helped me to study