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    Old Hurst Vs New Hurst Online

    I was told that the old Hurst videos (the ones where Marlene teaches majority of the vids) is better than the new ones. I have acess to the old ones for free but can renew the new vids for $50 I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the two and if so what are your thoughts? Also if you had the option would you go with the new ones or the old ones? I just don't have any unneccesary money to waste. Please help
  2. Danielle318

    Is Hurst review enough to pass nclex?

    Honestly I don't think Hurst is enough. I used Hurst only & failed NCLEX. It's great for content but I needed more. Now I'm using Kaplan Trainers/QBanks, LaCharity PDA, Kaplan strategies book, Feur Audio, NCLEX 4000 in conjunction with Hurst. If I don't understand a top I go back in my Saunders book & read up on it
  3. Danielle318

    Can't connect to hurstreview.com NOW!!

    Thanks it was the libraries SSL control
  4. Danielle318

    Can't connect to hurstreview.com NOW!!

    Neither can I. Please call them. I called & they said no one else is having this problem but me
  5. Danielle318

    Passed my RN boards on the 4th try!!!

    Congratulations I'll be testing for the 3rd time in December
  6. Danielle318

    I feel like a Failure

    Check your PM Susie
  7. Danielle318

    Old Hurst Vs New Hurst Online

    Thanks Jess I'll PM you
  8. Danielle318

    NCLEX third time is the charm?

    I'm in the same situation. Have you tried Hurst? Inbox me & I'll be happy to share some of my resources
  9. Danielle318

    My NCLEX Journey!! :)

    Congratulations & Thank you
  10. Danielle318

    Old Hurst Vs New Hurst Online

    Thanks Frank on the old ones Marlene teaches I didn't see maternity nor peds but I have the newer maternity/peds. I think I may just use the old ones & save $50
  11. Danielle318

    Just took NCLEX RN for 3rd time...when can I do PVT??

    Congrats to both of you! Lucy did you only use Hurst
  12. Danielle318

    Old Hurst Vs New Hurst Online

    Aww no...now I do still have acsess to the maternity & peds video on the new Hurst because it was part of the 5th day material which is still available on my online Hurst
  13. Danielle318

    Where do you Study?

    Just want to get an idea. I usually study late at night at home. I also study at home during the day. I've been told that I should study at the library because it's a learning/studying environment. Please tell me where you study & study best at or do you feel like it even matters?
  14. Danielle318

    Where do you Study?

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I just wanted to see what worked for everyone else.@PalmHarbor That is usually when I study late at night when my girls are asleep but sometimes I get awfully sleepy
  15. Danielle318

    Where do you Study?

    THANKS!!!! I always study on my bed but usually get entirely too comfortable. Great idea to not study on the bed
  16. Danielle318

    Nclex Tomorrow 9/11

    Good Luck Praying for you
  17. Danielle318

    What Should I Do Differently.....HELP

    I've failed Nclex twice the second time I used Hurst & it didn't seem to help. I've heart great things about Kaplan but can't afford it right now. I don't want to use Hurst again but I did pay for it & still have online access to it & don't want to just wast money. I just need some help because i'm so discouraged. I graduated in 2010 and still haven't passed NCLEX Is there anyone that has done Hurst and switched to Kaplan and is currently using Kaplan. If so do you feel like it's better or vice versa
  18. Danielle318

    What Should I Do Differently.....HELP

    Yes Hurst has been my only source for content but now I'm planning go combine Hurst, Kaplan & Saunders. I also have the PDA book. Thanks for the advice Good luck to you :-)
  19. Danielle318

    What Should I Do Differently.....HELP

    @Craftisari44 thanks so much for the advice. I looked into a tutor & the cheapest one was $75 per hour & right now I just can't afford that
  20. Danielle318

    What Should I Do Differently.....HELP

    Thank you all for the advice I REALLY REALLY appreciate it.I'm going to go back over Hurst & try to learn it like Marlene says because the first time I rushed. Yes I have the PDA book & a friend just let me borrow her Saunders & Kaplan strategies book.@SweetNurse786 Are you considering Hurst? Yes I've seen the AN study but didn't get to review it thoroughly. PM me your email & I can give you more info about Hurst if you'd like.
  21. Danielle318

    What Should I Do Differently.....HELP

    Thank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate all the advice. Have you ever tried Hurst
  22. Danielle318

    Failed Nclex AGAIN :-(

    I took NCLEX RN this morning @ 8 just did the PVT & AGAIN & I got the credit card page. This is my 2nd time failing. I studied so hard with no success. Right I'm just a discouraged ball of tears
  23. Which do you think is better? I have the Kaplan course book (friend gave it to me) but have never used it. Do you think it'll be helpful enough for me to use as a study tool for NCLEX or do you feel the Saunders book is better. I will be using in conjunction with Hurst
  24. Danielle318


  25. Danielle318

    NCLEX Fail

    So sorry to hear that. I took NCLEX Wednesday for the 2nd time & failed. I feel that Hurst was a waste of $300

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