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  1. How much starting knowledge do I need?

    No its a WIS float position which the new hires are going to be trained for a full 17 weeks for all 3 units. I'm just asking what baseline knowledge I should have going in there
  2. How much starting knowledge do I need?

    It's float so it will be antepartum, L&D, and postpartum
  3. How much starting knowledge do I need?

    I've been a nurse a bit over 5 years, and just accepted a WIS float position. I'm wondering what knowledge I need going in to this position. I don't want to look stupid, I don't remember ANYTHING from nursing school. Normal FHR? No idea. Normal kicks...
  4. OK to mention CNM at interview?

    I'm interviewing for a Women and Infant Services float position on Wednesday. If asked my 10 year plan, is it okay to say I'd like to be a nurse midwife? And for 5 year plan, can I say I'd like to be an IBCLC, but while still working on the floor? Th...
  5. Career Advice

    Yes it's online and yes it's in Phoenix. Thanks for the encouragement
  6. Career Advice

    I just moved to AZ and am interviewing for a Women and Infant Services float position. It is open for new grads and new to service. I have been an RN for 5 years, and in the last 4, have discovered that this is my passion. This position floats to an...
  7. Per-diem or Traveler

    We just had to buy our own health insurance because we are moving. My husband is not able to carry the benefits at this time. The insurance I just bought is only $150 more a month, and making per diem pay is a lot more than $150/month difference. I'm...
  8. Per-diem or Traveler

    I am moving to AZ at the end of May with my husband and 2 kids. I had thought that maybe travel nursing would be a good way to get things paid for like our move, my license etc. The. I saw that per diems make great money and someone made the point to...
  9. Am I Qualified?

    My husband and I are considering moving to Arizona from MA this coming May. A little job history for the past few years: 2010-2011 Med-Surg/Tele 2012-2013 Skilled nursing 2013-2014 Med-Onc/Tele (7 months, went to work in day surgery as a temporary po...
  10. Bad time to start ICU job?

    I work on a med/onc unit where we also do tele. I've applied for an ICU position but I'm having second thoughts on whether or not this is the right time for the move. While I really want to get into the ICU, from what I've read on here there is a 1-...
  11. new nurse, whidbey island, wa - help

    In WA the law is that you have to go through a residency as a new grad (or so I was told, and it only applies to hospitals. You can get on at a nsg home or rehab etc. if you can't get a hospital job). Hospitals will start posting job openings for the...
  12. How many hours did you study?

    Honestly, I didn't study all that much. I'm an A, B, C student. I'd say average, nothing special. The best way I studied was practice tests. I used the CD's that came with some of my practice books. I think I took a practice test every few nights for...
  13. First time at clinicals

    I started off the same way, I didn't even know what I was getting in to with nursing! There was a girl in my clinical who was already a CNA and I stuck with her which was very helpful. It's taken a couple years as a nurse on my own to get my confiden...
  14. New grads resigned to night work?

    I was hired for nights but orientation was for days. On my first day of work since my boss knew I had been looking for a day position she said the person she originally hired for that spot didn't work out so she offered it to me right there (I'm sure...
  15. I feel your pain. I spent months applying for jobs and then decided to apply at LTC. I finally got hired and I won't lie, I really didn't enjoy it. The LPN's there are the ones orienting you and they're snooty because they've been doing this longer t...