Am I Qualified?


My husband and I are considering moving to Arizona from MA this coming May. A little job history for the past few years:

2010-2011 Med-Surg/Tele

2012-2013 Skilled nursing

2013-2014 Med-Onc/Tele (7 months, went to work in day surgery as a temporary position because I needed to move to day shift)

2014-2015 Surgical Day/Pre-Op/PACU (July 14 - May 15, not quite a year, and PACU only Nov 14-May 15)

My husband was in the Navy and we moved quite a bit hence the sporadic work history, plus a couple kiddos thrown in the mix.

So when we move, I think I want to do PACU again, but am I qualified? I still haven't found my niche. I want to be a midwife eventually, but I'm slowly working towards a BSN so it's a ways away. So in the mean time, do I try to get something new, like post-partum or L&D, or do I try for PACU?

I really don't want to go back to floor nursing, I will if I must, but it's not my thing.

And unfortunately all the online job postings in AZ don't say how much specific experience they want. It'd be cool to break into a new field, but on the other hand, I'd be happy just continuing surgical day.