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    Just got in! ! ! Jitters! !

    Some of my classmates have the Droid. The device just has to be able to hold "Nursing Central" software on it. Your instructor will probably clarify in the welcome email she'll send before school starts.
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    Just got in! ! ! Jitters! !

    Congratulations, Murse Nick. I am finishing Block 1 at Boswell next week. Your teacher will be emailing you a list of things to buy before class starts. To answer your questions: 1. We use the I-pod touch 4g--I bought mine on Amazon. I'm sure you can find a good Christmas deal if you shop around 2. Study groups--you can form these when you meet all your classmates. If your instructor sends you chapters to read before class starts, I would take advantage and read every page--it will spare you some stress in the first few weeks 3. I didn't buy any extra books--the book list that you are required to buy is extensive. You will also have to buy software for your PDA 4. You will not have time to volunteer or work PRN if you are already working full time for Banner. You will need your days off from work to study, write care plans, work on group projects... Don't overdue it! 5. My advice is once school starts, get organized--get a planner, a flash drive to save all the powerpoints, plan ahead, anything you can do to manage your time. You will have so much stuff thrown at you in the first few months to sift through and make sense of. Don't let yourself get behind when school starts--there is no time to catch up! Good luck and see you on campus!
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    Cruise ship nursing

    Look up each cruise company's website for specific instructions. This is the company that hires for Disney and Crystal: http://www.vanterventures.com/node/13 Good luck!
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    Chamberlain College- Phoenix

    Shleep, Try posting in the Arizona Nursing Programs section. The following Chamberlain thread is a little more active and recent: https://allnurses.com/az-nursing-programs/chamberlain-college-nursing-448082.html You might find more answers there.
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    Looking in Scottsdale, AZ

    I used to live in the Anacosta apartment complex in Scottsdale at 96th Street and Mountain View--it is a hop, skip, and a jump from Scottsdale Shea Hospital which is very convenient if you got a job there. The complex is small too, so it's not as loud and busy as other complexes. Anacosta is also not too far from Mayo Clinic. Here's a link: http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/Anacosta.Apartments.480-391-3493
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    BSN vs ADN in new grad job hunt?

    Is there an advantage to having a BSN over an ADN when trying to get a job as a new grad in the Valley? What are your thoughts? I know the topic of BSN vs ADN has been debated on this site, but some of the threads were several years old. I was curious about what nurses think in light of the current economy and hospital hiring freezes, etc. I will not be facing the job search for a few years since I will only be starting Block 1 this fall, but I wonder does it make a difference to employers whether the new grad has a BSN or ADN?
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    Working in Hawaii

    I recommend reading a really informative book So You Want to Live in Hawaii by Toni Palancy. It provides a lot of insight for us on the mainland who think living in the islands will be just like where we live now except for the amazing beaches in the backyard! It might be a good idea to first do a travel assignment in Hawaii to scope out where you would like to work, live, etc.
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    GCU RN-BSN prereqs

    Does anyone know the prereqs Grand Canyon University requires for the RN-BSN program?
  9. nursestudentAZ

    GCU RN-BSN prereqs

    Had you already taken chemistry with lab? I thought GCU required chemistry for the BSN. Were all the classes online? How did you like them?
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    Cruise ship nursing

    All of the cruise ships that I've sailed on either as a crewmember or guest in the past 5 years either had an internet lounge or wireless connections in certain areas. However, it is more expensive than on land. You usually have to buy some type of internet card or internet plan. On the other hand, a lot of the ports the cruises visit have cheaper internet cafes or coffee shops w/wi-fi.
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    Helen Mirren says many hookers came from nursing profession

    Not necessarily. I watched a story awhile back on the Bunny Ranch in Nevada (a Dateline or something like it), and one of the featured women was a nurse who said she got sick of 12-hour shifts and now makes a lot more money in this line of work in less time. Her coworker at the ranch was the opposite--she was in her early 20s and dreamed of being an RN. She worked at the ranch to pay for her education. So, I don't find it too hard to believe that Helen Mirren met similar women. Oprah also did a segment on the Bunny Ranch--some of the women had bachelors degrees and working at the ranch was their part-time job. I think Helen Mirren was stating an observation about the women at the brothel--not belittling the nursing profession or making generalizations about nurses.
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    Prereqs for GCU's RN-BSN

    What are the prereqs for Grand Canyon University's RN-BSN program?
  13. nursestudentAZ

    BIO 205?

    Bio 205 was the most difficult of all the nursing prereqs I took, so I would definitely recommend taking it in-class. I have done well in previous online courses, but Micro encompasses a lot of information that required me to ask a lot of questions in class before it sunk in. I had a great Micro professor at Estrella who I would definitely recommend.
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    CHM 130 online at Rio Salado

    I had a fantastic professor for CHM 130 at Rio this past spring with initials C H. She responded to emailed questions within a few hours--even on weekends--and graded assignments within 2 days. She went out of her way to help me understand the material. I actually had a fantastic experience with the class and preferred it to the in-class version which I started at Estrella and dropped. So, there is at least 1 good Chem teacher at Rio; however, by reading other posts, it looks like there aren't many like her unfortunately.
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    Cruise ship nursing

    My company was Disney Cruise Line--however, the medical staff actually are employees of Vanter Cruise Health Services which provides staff for Disney and Crystal Cruise Line. Since the nurses have single cabins, they are allowed to have guests sail with them and live in their cabin (as of 2008 when I left the company). Guests are not limited to spouses--they can be boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, sibling, parent, etc. Some simple paperwork was required prior to the guest boarding the ship.
  16. nursestudentAZ

    Cruise ship nursing

    Congrats LZ-RN-EMTP! Please post updates of your cruise adventure! Although I have never been a cruise RN, I worked aboard cruise ships for 5 years prior to pursuing nursing. The nurses on my line seemed to have a great life (4-month contracts, lots of swimming pool time :)), and a single cabin which is a major perk because most of the crew w/my former company share a room. The nurses' husbands were also allowed to live onboard with them. I hope to one day get back to the "seas" as a nurse! Please let us know what you experience w/Royal Caribbean.
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    CHM 130 Online

    The midterm essay questions were taken right from the homework if I remember correctly--not difficult at all.
  18. nursestudentAZ

    CHM 130 Online

    My professor posted the study guides for the midterm and the final respectively about 2 weeks before the first day we could take the exams.
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    CHM 130 Online

    I am finishing up CHM 130 online at Rio this semester, and I have really enjoyed it. The textbook applies how the chemistry principles are used in healthcare which I found useful. My professor has exceeded my expectations as far as helping me understand the subject. I found the midterm to be challenging, but my professor was very upfront in the study guide, so there weren't any real surprises. Prior to this course, I was definitely chemistry-phobic, but now, I am going into the final with an A. I also enjoyed not having to drive to a campus 3 days a week. I signed up for Rio after dropping out of the first day of CHM 130 at Estrella Mountain. The professor there announced that there would be no textbook, and she would not lecture. We would be responsible for learning the material in small groups. I am so glad I took a risk and took the class online w/Rio.
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    Grand Canyon University

    My enrollment counselor at GCU said that the traditional campus-based BSN was a weekly schedule of three 10-hour school days and one 12-hour clinical day. So, that isn't accurate? No complaints here about shorter days--I'm just wondering why the enrollment counselors tell us differently. WSamsky, sorry to hear the program is not up to your expectations. I read somewhere or was told that GCU has a teacher student ratio of 1:10. That's disappointing to hear that in fact, the classes are overcrowded. What CC are you transferring to? I was accepted to MCC Boswell, and am waiting to finish my spring semester to hear if GCU accepted me into the traditional campus BSN.

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