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Geriatrics, MDS Coordinator

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    Dear Nursing Student

    I loved the post it was spot on. I remember going for my LPN my instructors really stressed care plans, (they wrote a care plan book) I am glad they did. We had to have two careplans each week for our patients. I feel it gave me a better understanding of Care plans and the role they play in the nursing process. It also helped me land a job as a MDS Coordinator. I find however that students who have not had care plans stressed during clinicals do not appreciate their role. As for the comments about 8 hours being a lot clinicals are not supposed to be easy they are supposed to be hard and time consuming to make sure that the students have what it takes to handle the stressful situations that nurses can be thrown into.

    The Patient I Failed

    I am going through a similar situation myself right now and as a geriatric nurse it is very sad to me to watch these patients suffer needlessly. Very well written.

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