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ilovemicrobiology's Latest Activity

  1. ilovemicrobiology

    Ohlone College Fall 2011/Spring2012

    Still no word? Has anyone heard anything yet?
  2. ilovemicrobiology

    Ohlone College Fall 2011/Spring2012

    Has anyone rec'd an acceptance e-mail yet? For the last 2 years they have e-mailed people the Friday after the app period closed. I was sure someone would've heard something by now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an acceptance e-mail! :)
  3. ilovemicrobiology

    Ohlone Lottery 2011

    I am also waiting to hear word. I know last year they started e-mailing people who were accepted a week after the closing date. We should know something in the next 24 hours. This is my second time applying and I am keeping my fingers crossed. Ohlone is my first choice...
  4. ilovemicrobiology

    Ohlone Fall 2010 - did you get an email?

    How do you know what number you are when they haven't posted the lottery results online yet? I'm still waiting to find out what number I am.