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  1. angela3068

    Consultancy pay

    Having a little grumble...I worked for a large private K-12 school for 14 yrs as their Health Team Manager/School Nurse. I left the job in June, but told them I would stay on as a consultant to help with the transition. I have been consulted many times over the summer and have helped out when needed. Today I receive an on-call contact for the 2019/20 school year to continue with the consulting, the pay rate offered was 12% less than what I was being paid in previous years. I am inclined to turn this down, am I wrong? I know I'm not in the same position which I was before, but surely consultancy pay should be same/higher rate not lower?
  2. angela3068

    Immunization records

    I was wondering if anyone had an easy way of storing student immunization records apart from just storing the hard copy of the record in the individual student's record? Is there an easy way to create a secondary back-up or a software program that you use for storing student records. I'm trying to find an easy and efficient way to keep the records up to date without spending days and days on data entry. Thanks!