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Immunization records

by angela3068 angela3068 (New) New

I was wondering if anyone had an easy way of storing student immunization records apart from just storing the hard copy of the record in the individual student's record? Is there an easy way to create a secondary back-up or a software program that you use for storing student records. I'm trying to find an easy and efficient way to keep the records up to date without spending days and days on data entry. Thanks!

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I have immunization cards that I keep in a separate box from the records. We have been working with our tech department to get them online, though. I think if they get them up and going for us, I will probably enter 9th grade each year till all the classes are in. If the elementary nurse enters the kdg, the middle school nurses enters 6th and AI enter 9th, it shouldn't take long before they are all in. Until then, I'll keep writing on the cards.