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  1. dayana.jim87

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014 New Interface

    I'm a little skeptical about the new PVT, It seems everyone has been getting the "good pop up" I don't feel confident i passed, but when i came home and tried the trick, i got the good pop up.
  2. dayana.jim87

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014 New Interface

    I took NCLEX RN today and got the same pop up after i entered all of my credit info and answered all the questions. I really hope i passed! (crossing fingers)
  3. dayana.jim87

    Med Math Question

    This scares me lol I just started nursing school today and ordered my med math book. So i'm currently waiting for it to arrive. In the mean time I am trying to find practice problems online on converting the basics like cm to m in the metric system. However, when I read the problem you just posted I begin to freak out lol I have no idea how to solve that. But I want to be ahead of the game before my math exam comes around. Any advice??
  4. dayana.jim87

    When Do You Start Fall Semester?

    I apologize for the stupid question I'm about to ask but, are we suppose to wear scrubs during our lecture or lab classes? I have my uniform for clinicals and not really excited to wear it, if you catch my drift lol But for our first day of lectures on the 29th is regular clothes acceptable?
  5. I start my nursing classes on the 27th of this month, and prior to starting school. We were asked to read 1-7 chapters before school starts and I can't seem to pass chapter 2 without reaching boredom. Lol It's basically on different cultures, and how as a nurse I'm suppose to react in different culture situations. Also the introduction nursing and etc.. Anyone one else have this problem???
  6. dayana.jim87

    Need some advice

    I also work /20hrs a week and i'm terrified of starting nursing school in the fall. I don't know how I'm going to handle it. I have classes two days a week including clinicals.
  7. dayana.jim87

    Medgar Evers

    I GOT ACCEPTED FOR THE FALL 2012 AAS wooohoo :-)
  8. dayana.jim87

    Medgar Evers

    meeeeeeeeeeeee tooo! i'm beyond nervous lol i have no idea what to study for?? help anyone??
  9. dayana.jim87

    CUNY colleges NYC (Kaplan exam)

    thanks :-) good luck and i hope to see you in the program. i am crossing my fingers as we speak lol
  10. dayana.jim87

    CUNY colleges NYC (Kaplan exam)

    i did i got a 70 which is borderline.. not sure if i am getting in :-( do you what is passing according to the nursing department?