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  1. The position I applied for has a starting grade of 1 level 3. That said I got my informal offer of Grade level 1 level 3 step 10, since level 3 starts at step 6 that means I only got 4 additional steps? I was a bit taken back by the offer as I have 23 years nursing experience, a certification on my license, am graduating with BSN December 8th, have been Charge Nurse, Unit Manager and am making 15k (yes 15k) more a year at a local hospital doing homecare, which is the same type of position they are offering. I told them I wanted to wait until I was boarded by the board with my formal offer before making a decision. I knew I would take a pay cut but omg. Do I have to go through all the steps in Grade 1 before being promoted to Grade 2? Second question being that I will have my BSN in a few months do I have to wait the two years to be promoted to grade 2? I know we get COLA yearly but I heard the promotions/step increases are every 2 years.
  2. kerbear1969

    Can I postpone start date?

    I'm going through the process of boarding, so no firm salaried offer yet, however I've done fingerprinting, physical, references already just waiting for them to board me. My concern is the start date for orientation. I am in the process of getting surgery most likely the end of July and will need three weeks for recovery which puts me in the third week of August. Im not sure whether I would be foolish to ask for a later start date, or postpone the surgery for seven months until I earn FMLA. Any opinions?
  3. kerbear1969

    VA Hiring Process

    Initial application referred in February, call for interview mid March, interview beginning of April, gave 5 written reference letters but that isn't going to work, HR has to mail out a 4-5 page reference questionnaire to 4 people that you put into VetPro they also will mail the same type of reference questionnaire to your current supervisor. This part has created a lot of turmoil in my job for me currently, the rumor mill of "are you leaving" has started, I can feel the tension. I HAVE NOT been given a formal offer, still awaiting boarding process to find out where I stand step wise. Was told I will be a grade 1 level 3 not sure about which step yet. I am finishing my BSN this fall but due to title 38 they wouldn't take that into consideration for starting at grade 2. I have 23 years nursing experience and most of the experience in both level 3 and level 2 nursing but its that darn degree that means everything. I don't want to wait for another opportunity to get into the VA because this is a "new" program and they have the openings now, so I need to be ready to jump. I will be taking a paycut, just how much I'm unsure of yet. (10-12k).
  4. kerbear1969

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    I've found out recently what this means, it means for instance Grade 1 then look to right at steps, the numbers 3 under level 2 mean level 2 wound start at step 3 the number 5 under level 3 means the level 3 nurse would start at step 5 and move up in steps based on a NUMBER of factors of which I'm going through now. Hope that makes sense
  5. kerbear1969

    VA Pay Scale For NEW hires

    The link you provided EXTREMELY informative thank you so much!