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  1. In the "primary care clinic setting" is what I'm referring too. Can the RN (not NP-already know NP can do these tasks) 1) read and interpret abnormal lab results and abnormal test results to a patient/family member? 2) perform an inner ear assessment using an otoscope to assess whether the patient has an infection or cerumen build up? Flush the ear with debrox, ear wash? 3) Initiate and complete the 90 day interdisciplinary assessment. (I was under the impression this was a way for the NP/MD provider to "lay eyes on the patient" "assess the patient") I'm concerned as the RN's are getting more responsibilities and taskings placed on them the list keeps getting longer and longer and less for the NP/MD providers.
  2. kerbear1969

    Hospice Nurses

    Im considering moving to the Fort Lee area of VA. Im a hospice RN and am wondering if anyone knows of the salaries for hospice care? Also what is a large, well known hospice in that area or within the commuting area. Thanks.